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12-06-2016, 5:32 PM
Sup guys I was riding down to chopperfest from SF friday but my buddy looks like he is flaking now. Still gonna ride down might leave thursday now instead either way whatever. Was planning oncamping out along highway one somewhere midway like big sur or even a little farther then waking up and making it into ventura saterday. I have to stop in ventura and see my boss for a couple hours mid day saterday. . Looks like its going to rain in big sur now so might just ride down 101 to king city then cut over to the coast or possible ride all the way till highway one and 101 meet up. I am working sunday morning early so will miss most of the show possibly my boss is kewl so he might let me off early to catch more of the show. hopefully catch last few or couple hours. Have monday off work so I can cruz back up the coast and camp out somewhere along highway one I have a few places in mind.

So I am looking for a group I could possibly tag along with and separate for a little saterday and meetup again with on sunday. Or just looking for anyone riding back from ventura to the bay area after the show the I can ride with

I am on a 90 sporty 883 also in case anyones wondering
Text me anytime or call reg hours (408)706-8447 , Dylan
Happy riding

12-09-2016, 5:26 AM
Hit up roadwarrior883 on IG I'm sure he's going.