View Full Version : Got my first bike and looking to do some work to it.

10-27-2016, 12:24 PM
I just got an '03 Honda Shadow ACE the start of this year and have been riding it and really enjoying the feel of being out of the cage. But after this first season, I realized that I want it to sot a little lower to the ground.
I plan on turning it into more of a bobber come winter so my first step is to lower it a bit. I guess what I'm saying is are there any tips for dropping it about 1.5"? Are there any websites to find what shocks would work?

Like I said I'm new to the world of motorcycles and dont really know what would be safe.

10-27-2016, 7:59 PM
Great to see a newbie where safety is a priority!

Do you live near a motorcycle wrecking yard? If so you could remove a shock and take it with you to compare - you'll be looking for a similar weight bike otherwise spring rates etc will be effected.

Im not familiar with the bike but another option that has been used on HDs is relocating the mount point on the swingarm either further back or under it.

In the front you may be able to slide the fork legs up through the triple trees a little. Other than that you maybe able to send your fork legs out for shortening if a lowering kit is not available. Someone like Forking by Frank has a great rep.