View Full Version : 21inch wheel Honda VLX

10-01-2016, 3:38 PM
Hello, new guy here.

I am starting to put a 84-99 narrow glide 40 spoke front wheel on my 95 vlx600.

I have dug around for too long and need some simple questions answered.

1. Is it safe to turn my axel down to 3/4?

2. If you answered no. Do they sell 1inch bearings for this wheel. If so where... Im losing my mind!

Thanks Everyone. Hope you can help!

10-01-2016, 4:47 PM
If my failing memory is right.. the 600 has 39mm showa tubes, so DYNA super glide or later Sportster lowers or complete forks should be a direct bolt on. You just have to deal with the width of the triple trees.. I would bet they are close and you could use the narrow glide triple trees because I think the Honda has a 1 inch stem..