View Full Version : my 'new' $200 1978 750A - might be some problems, but I think pros outweigh cons

09-14-2016, 8:52 PM
So....new member here, and intro'd myself. Hanging out in Fort Worth Texas.
My divorce was final (:clap for you::clap for you::clap for you::clap for you::clap for you::clap for you::clap for you:) in Feb, and motorcycles have always been on my bucket list.
wrenched at my grandfather's auto repair business when i was growing up, and I can read really decent and even color within the lines! Thought I could learn ins and outs, while I look for a rideable. Was looking at the usual Harley stuff, but then I really like the CB look. I figure parting it out if I decide I can not take too much of a loss
Off CL, I found this and watched it till the price dropped to $200, and the UHaul was $47 to rent/miles/gas. Clear title, and box with extra parts including a new electronic cognition to replace the busted up points version.
frame has been modified, and I'm uneasy about it. I txted another seller on CL about an intact 1981 CB750 frame with gas tank, wire spoked wheels and clear title

Noob question: is the frame repairable? I don't weld yet, but hell, always an excuse to learn and buy new tools!


09-18-2016, 6:29 PM
Learn to weld, copy proper repairs, and have at it. Practice on scrap, and set your welding machine using clean scrap and not your workpiece.

Visit weldingweb and the Miller forums for more welding info than you'll ever need.

09-19-2016, 8:27 AM
Repariable as in back to stock or is it broken somewhere? for $200 you cant go wrong.