View Full Version : Anyone pretty knowledgeable with DT's?

06-19-2010, 3:00 PM
I have a 1975 Yamaha DT250 front fork assembly. Just the forks/trees, no axle or front drum/hub.
I am swapping my 1976 XS650 front end with the DT front end and will be running a 21" rim.

My question-
Are there differences between the front drum brakes between different years of the DT? I need to find a front drum brake to run, but doing an eBay search leads to many different years and most likely the wrong year drum due to seller error.

I know one type is offset to one side and another, which I believe are the earlier drums, are center mounted and larger.

Do I need a '75 drum, or will other years interchange? Are there differences in the front axle itself as well?