View Full Version : Vn1500 build. Need ideas

09-08-2016, 12:21 PM
Normally I never even look twice at a shaft drive, but I got a SCREAMIN deal on a low mileage running and registered Vulcan 1500, so here I am. Want to do a nice little hack job, not super budget intensive. I'm caught between bar options, hardtail or not, stock tank options, rear fender or not, sissy bar or not, and how to manage the monstrous wiring harness. I've been looking through the shaft drive section for ideas, but if anyone has anything to contribute it would be appreciated! Right now I'm leaning towards doing the poor mans hardtail and just cutting the subframe off and running some 1 1/8" tube straight down to the swingarm
This it what I'm starting with
Starting to remove auxiliary shit