View Full Version : 83 kz440 hardtail question

08-25-2016, 1:37 PM
So I picked up a TC Bros universal weld on hardtail kit. It came with 20mm slotted axle plates. The axle on the 440 is smaller, 17mm. Is this going to be a problem? Should I cut the original plates off the swing arm, or will it be okay to have that size difference. This is my first chop, so its all new to me. Thanks!

08-25-2016, 1:52 PM
It will be ok......... Making sure you weld it on straight is more important......

08-25-2016, 2:22 PM
check you tube there is a video

08-26-2016, 4:37 AM
Voodoo Vintage has Oilite bronze 20mm to 17mm axle adapter bushing on his site. Think that would be the route I would go.

Scroll down about half way on http://www.voodoovintage.com/products.html

08-26-2016, 11:31 AM