View Full Version : honda silverwing? whats it worth, rare, hunk of shit? let me know

08-23-2016, 8:24 PM
working on selling this for a friend,

don't know nothing about it, or ever heard of it.

anyone know what its worth "ball park"

liquid cooled, 2 cylinder boxer style like a bmw

runs but smokes

9000k on it

thank you

08-24-2016, 12:52 AM
Don't know a lot about it, but doing a little checking on it, it was made for three years (81 and 82 in a 500 and 83 in a 650.) It was an 80 degree transverse v-twin much like a Moto Guzzi and was shaft drive. 9,000 miles is real low for a bike of that age, and as long as it is running, would think you should be able to get somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-3k for it. Looks to be pretty clean, but with it only being made for a couple of years you are looking at kind of a niche market for it. Not a lot of people looking for a 500 or 650 shaft drive transverse mount v-twin.

08-24-2016, 11:03 PM
It's also a terrible bike to chop as it has no down tubes. It's a suspended motor like a sport bike. And like the guy above said, it's a transverse V twin. If it's got all the fairing and in fair condition, and it runs, you can probably get $1500 for it. I sold a 'bobbed' running one, and a second almost running one with no fairings for $900 together.

08-25-2016, 8:12 AM
What is he asking is a better question????????