View Full Version : Modify Vstar stock seat for use with no rear fender

08-09-2016, 3:32 PM
Hey all...been browsing the forum quite a bit lately. I have recently acquired a 1999 Vstar Classic 650 that I am modifying into a bobber. I plan to run it without fenders, and have been looking at seat options. I am working mostly diy and on the cheap, and I really can't see shelling out the $$$$ for either a blue collar conversion kit or one of the other even more pricey kits out there. And the stuff on ebay scares me a little. I was considering shaving down the stock seat and re-mounting it by way of a couple bolts through the seat pan (where the little stabilizer nipples that sit in the frame's crossbar on the stock seat) and securing them with nuts under the crossbar. My thought is that it will put me more-or-less into the riding position intended (just a little lower because of seat foam removal) and still keep that upsweep on the back of the stock seatpan to keep my butt off the rear wheel. Has anyone done this, or thought of doing this before? Looking forward to your feedback.

08-14-2016, 6:14 PM
well, thanks for all the input! :cheersmate:
the stock vstar seat is garbage stacked on garbage. i tore it apart and it's headin' for the trash can.
figured out a way to mount a solo seat pan without being robbed by a "kit" company