View Full Version : Well I dropped my bobber off at a decent shop to have it finished

07-21-2016, 6:35 AM
I just wish I had the time to finish it myself,,, but I do not.
So I dropped it at a good friends shop (along with a grand to get them motivated)
and told em to get it ready for the Washington trip next summer for me.
THEN,,, They asked if I would be into doing either the STAMPEDE or another trip they have planned to run. EL Diablo run,,,
The owner did do the Stampede on a 650 Yam last year,,, came in 28th I think..I saw his bike,,, it was like OoooKayyy,,,I was seriously impressed,, And the bike made it with only 1 plug change and 2 jet changes (due to altitude). NO PHASED engine either.
So I feel pretty confident that I will have it back in time to get some miles on it before winter,,, then MAYBE build a totally new one for next year,, phased - big bore n stuff.
Money isn't the real problem with me,, it is the time I find hard to find.
Taking care of my 80+ year old parents,,,working full time in a fortune 100 company IT IS OPS dept. Yardwork,,, family stuff,,,Hardly have time,, but somehow it all comes together.
SO it's at the SKUNKWORKS,,and I'm already missing it from the garage,,