View Full Version : XJ650 Bobber thing I built with video.

07-10-2016, 6:47 PM
Hey all posted awhile back cause I was building a thing,

Couldn't afford a bike so I built one, halfway through I ended up buying an 07 FXDB from Harley but had to finish this thing anyways, it's made of salvage parts from wherever I could find em and a handful of things I ordered from ebay, forward controls are TCBros, I didn't like the weird swing-arm-half-ass thing everybody else was doing so I made a real hard-tail out of it. Disclaimer, I've never built anything before.



This be what I started with

If it sounds weird I dunno what to tell you, it's just header dumps, I rejetted the carbs and rebuilt them, synced and all that shit so they'd work with pod filters.