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07-09-2016, 8:41 PM
Howdy from central Texas. Came to share the latest creation. Going for a small beer run/neighborhood scoot in a brat/cafe/tracker style. So far we have an '82 Honda XL100S frame and engine. Frame and tank powdercoated but it torched the failed kreem lining so on to caswell's 2-part epoxy for a more lasting fix. Frame already had a nice rear loop for a brat style seat so I just hacked and ground off the extra bits from the frame to clean it up. Engine has a new 58mm cylinder and piston for 120cc displacement. Clutch has been rebuilt with KG heavy duty springs and plates as well as replaced most outer hardware with SS allen head screws. Pipe will be a custom down pipe. Going with the 19/16 rim combo with dot enduro tires. The front end is from a 2000 model XR100R and I used All Balls website to make sure I made a good choice for a fork swap. They have a function that shows to other bikes with similar steering bears. All the old Honda 50s-100s share the same stem until 2013 on some models. Tapered rollers bearings are a huge improvement here. Used my redneck poplar steer race press and a 3 jaw puller to install races and lower bearings. May go with high MX/tracker style bars but could still go clubman or clip-ons even. I will be able to tell more once i have a roller. Working on the seat pan now for skinny brat style seat. The bushings in the original swingarm were badly seized and I damaged the swingarm so I found a Honda z50 monkey bike/twin shock +16cm extended aluminum swinarm which has similar dimensions and geometry to the stock old twinshock xr100. This will require at the very least some custom machined bronze bushings and possibly a littling cutting and welding but again time will tell. Hoping to have this rideable by christmas then I will start going through re-title process and get her street legal. Cheers!70920709217092270923

07-19-2016, 9:09 PM
Had a chance to turn some wrenches this weekend and got it to basically a roller again just wobbly until i machine proper spacers. The Z50 swingarm is 14mm wider at the frame and 30mm narrower at the lower shock mount but the wheel and chain will still be lined up normally. Looks like I will also need custom axle spacers and haven't decided what kind of hub and brake arm system to use, Z50 or XR100. Same wheelbase as an XR100. The '82 front wheel and hub mounted up to the '00 front end with the newer axle and spacers perfectly. No maching there which is great and the 2.75 clears the fork boots by plenty. Messing around with scrap wood to determine shock length. Thinking about clubman style bars instead of MX style but we will see. The seat is foiled for fiberglass to make the seat pan. Updates to come once I get some shocks mounted and spacers cut.

07-20-2016, 6:51 AM
sounds like a pretty awesome project. I love seeing old dirt/DS bikes as projects. Always unique.

07-20-2016, 2:27 PM
Looking good, keep us updated.

09-10-2016, 11:27 AM
Had some garage time (and kitchen bar time :cheersmate: ) over the holiday weekend and got the engine in the frame after finishing building it over the past couple weeks.
Engine build:
Stock low mileage '82 XL100S cases, trans, points, magneto (XL's have lighting coils vs XR's that don't)
Moose magnetic oil drain plug
EMGO HD ignition coil
KG Clutch Factory HD springs and kevlar plates
Honda TrailBikes 58mm cylinder with bungs for oil cooler
BBR 58mm small dome piston (120cc displacement)
ShiftUp Spartan big valve head (28mm IN/23mm EX) from Japan
Kitaco Stage 1 hollow core cam
Kitaco HD valve springs
Keihin PZ27 carb (23mm slide) P38 M102
Stock airbox with UNI filter (want to keep it quiet)
Modified and wrapped stock header, not sure about muffler yet
Rotella T 15W40

Should make a pretty easy and near bulletproof reliable 10HP mill. I'm 5'9" 160 so dont need that much for a neighborhood enduro. Also have aluminum rims from BBR which will lighten the bike even more. Need to find a stock XL front hub so I can send off to Buchanon to build the wheels. Not sure about bars or pegs quite yet. Have it mocked up with stock swingarm and bars as I'm still waiting on spacers from the machine shop for the trick aluminum swingarm