View Full Version : Intro of myself

07-01-2016, 9:24 AM
Hello all,
i have been looking on here for a while now during my build and decided its time to sign up. from what i've seen there is a ton of info on here. just wanted to introduce myself and show my project. its an 81' kz440. started out bone stock and have been working on it for prolly a year now at night after the kids go to bed. so thats why it took me that long to get this far. she still aint finished but able to ride. so ill ride while i work! let me know what ya think wether good bad or other. i have pretty thick skin. hope to gain some knowledge from other people building so let it begin!!

07-01-2016, 1:15 PM
I had a KZ440 about 10 years ago. They seem like good reliable motors. Chop what ya got