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07-01-2016, 5:34 AM
So a little explanation, im out riding tge other day and i boticed a bit of a a put. No big deal i figure im low on gas. I go to the gas station and top off the tank. Im riding home and again the put. But it gets me home.
Next morning i go to take off for work and just as i leave my parking lot it dies..
No crank. Wont turn over..
I turned out my air filter was clogged. My dumb ass forgot to change it.. But new plug and new filter and now it still wont crank..
Any thoughts? Its my only ride and im 30 minutes from work so im fucked if i cant figure this out

07-01-2016, 8:13 AM
Im riding home and again the put.

What the fuck does "the put" mean? Please post in English.

Turn on the headlight, is it bright or dim? Put a meter on the battery. I suspect it's dead. I'd put it on a charger then have it load tested at any auto store, or if it's old and questionable a new battery never hurts, but it won't cure a charging problem. A bad battery can damage a charging system so make sure yours is healthy.

You can jump start the bike from a non-running car (so bike regulator doesn't fry trying to regulate the car alternator output!) to perform a charging output check.

Section 6 page 112 has the charging output check. Perform it then post results:


Make sure your battery cables are secure and your ground is good.

07-01-2016, 1:20 PM
The put. As in the bike started putting out. Kinda skippy.
And its not the battery, the battery has a perfect charge. I thought it might be the clutch sensor so i tried to bypass it but nothing. Whatevers wrong happend because the air filter clog. But what could that have fucked up thats causing the bike not to start?
Its somewhere in the charging system im sure but cant seem to find where the problem is.
Fuck i hate electric issues

07-01-2016, 3:49 PM
Sounds like you should take it to a mechanic! A clogged up air filter has nothing to do with an electrical issue or the charging system. Find out what is clogging the air filter, air fuel and spark are required.

07-01-2016, 4:35 PM
Putt is the noise. Put is the opposite of take. It's not your air filter. Instead of hating electrical issues, chill and learn how to handle them. It will save you a lot of money.

If your battery is fully charged (meaning you checked it with a meter or turned on your headlight and it is BRIGHT] and the motorcycle starter will not rotate the engine, that's not a charging problem (though one may exist since the bike was running poorly and skipping [not "putt"ing, best to learn and use all the correct terms].

Describe in detail what happens. I jump those fucking sidestand switches immediately on anything I own, you did right there. Have you jumped the CLUTCH switch? They aren't very durable.

Starting & ignition circuit is on page 114. See the Automatic De-Compression Control and Starter System schematic (page 117) too since they share parts. READ the theory of operation and take it slow. There isn't much there but I can't reach through the internet. Once used to it, you could troubleshoot this much faster than I can type.

If your relay looks like this Ebay pic, http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/f78AAMXQrC9ScQVB/s-l300.jpg

jump the two large terminals BRIEFLY (with the bike IN NEUTRAL) and see if the starter spins. (I use screwdrivers I don't care about or whatever is handy.)

Your automatic decompression won't operate this way but it will show if the starter motor works because it will try to turn.

Next step is find which of the two smaller terminals is ground and which gets switched 12v to operate the starter relay. You can jump from the "hot" large relay terminal (the one connected to the battery) to the small terminal and listen for the relay to click and the starter motor to turn. If relay works and starter rotates, you need to find why that signal to the relay is not being provided by normal motorcycle operation.

Probe the small relay terminal while pressing your starter button (with clutch switch either jumped or lever tied back, I use bungees on customer bikes. Wire or zip tie works too). Light should glow. If not, work your way back until you get results.

Inspect the fuse and fuse holder.

Post what happens. I'll be online for a few hours.

If you jump power to the de-comp control unit it should work AND power should operate the starter relay. If the bike starts that way then it's something upstream, either wiring or switch.

Any car mechanic can troubleshoot that starter so if you have a carbro to call he can speed things up for you. Even if you pay someone, learn EXACTLY what they fixed and why.

07-01-2016, 10:32 PM
Ok so im totally gonna go through your check list after the 4th, i work straight through the weekend in the food service. But thank you ill post what i find when i can get too it. But if i can work on it sooner i will

07-02-2016, 12:07 PM
Whatever ya do, post results because it may help the next biker.