View Full Version : Vt500 wiring options

06-28-2016, 7:54 PM
So I'm at the point where I'm about to rewire my 1984 vt500. I want to know is anyone has used one of the antigravity 4 cell batteries and if it's powerful enough to start my bike. And also win thinking about getting a new smaller r/r I'm thinking I can just get a newer universal type. Any opinions on this?

06-29-2016, 8:46 PM
As far as the battery goes, it depends on which one that you get. Some are capacitors, and boosters. The L-ion type are used a lot for dual sport bike and get great reviews. Very light and about the size of a couple packs of smokes.

As for the regulator, I hear good things about the mosfet systems used on R1 street bike. Rick & and electrosport both sell one that can be used.