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06-27-2016, 11:43 AM
Hey all, first thread here. Working on an 83 KZ750 twin. Not my first bike but my first one that im really jumping into full throttle. Hardtail, barebones bobber/ chop thing. Anyway, wondering about exhaust. Im thinking running stock headpipes but cutting them off after the vertical section after they turn out of the head. Giving about 12" of exhaust total, loud yes, killer looking (in my opinion, yes) but.... bad for valves? exhaust pulses running backwards into the combustion chamber? Will baffles prevent it with pipes that short?
Sorry for the long winded post :rolleyes:
Thanks guys!

I will be starting a build thread soon for the turd:asshat:

06-28-2016, 7:58 AM
From a mechanical standpoint this is a terrible idea. Not only will you have non existent scavenging properties but yes, you will also begin to damage your valves, your carbs will need to be rejetted and likely with that short of exhaust you will never get it to run right except at WOT. You will also be dumping hot exhaust right in front of your motor... your air cooled motor... see were I am going with this?

06-28-2016, 10:16 AM
Yup that's what I thought. I'll just run the full head pipes with baffles out the back. Thanks!