View Full Version : DOHC CB Dyna 2000 Wiring diagram

06-25-2016, 9:39 PM
Oye mates,

Anyone running an electronic ignition or know of a barney level wiring diagram for these damn things? I have a semi decent understanding of electricity but the flipping print only instructions these fucks send is like trying to program the clock on a VCR... I really have a few specific questions:

Do I use the stock CDI units?

What are the purple, blue and white wires with the female bullet connectors for? ( not the ones from the harness, but the wires physically attached to the unit.)

Any help you gents could provide would be awesome. I Have everything else done minus the pit to make the fucker start...

06-26-2016, 8:19 PM
Anyone in South Eastern Wisconsin or northern Illinois that is willing to lend a hand will receive beer, food and monetary rewards.