View Full Version : Installing the Hoo's crank fired ignition and alternator XS650

06-14-2016, 4:28 AM
Decided for the ignition to get away from the mess of parts for points and went with a setup from Hoos Racing, in Iowa.
Here is their homepage. http://www.hoosracing.com/
The actual "kit" is this one. http://www.powerdynamo.biz/eng/systems/7376/7376main.htm

All he needed to know is if you are running a 270 or 277 phase on the crank/cam.
I'm not (yet) so the parts were geared to stock replacement/improvement.
So,, enjoy the pics and if anyone has a question, If I know the answer,, I will help where I can.
Alritey now,,
The crank fired ignition/charging came on Saturday and I got around to beginning the install on Sunday. I have a coupla pics of what was in the box,,,and the high-lights of the install.
When I took the side cover off it was totally crusted so I spent a few hours cleaning it all up as to have a "clean" as possible install.
Any questions or what not just ask,,, If I know the answer,, I will help.
The actual install was VERY EASY,,( so far anyway) and hopefully I will have it firing sometime in the next week or two

06-14-2016, 4:33 AM
These are of the original parts removed and a cleaned up side of the engine,,
MAN,,, it was crusted on,, hehheh
Then a couple of the new backingplate/stator.
And the flywheel on. It all fits perfectly behind the cover plate with no rubbing.

06-14-2016, 4:34 AM
And finally,, the engine with the side cover all cleaned up and installed.
Also I included another of the bike as it sits. The tank is off for cleaning the inside and to begin routing the wiring.
I need a pair of new covers for where the points and other stuff was. Preferably just plain, with no "650" on them.
Let me know if ya have any.