View Full Version : Quick update... pics!

05-16-2016, 12:06 PM
Mocking tank and seat... ideas... opinions.... criticisms.... what not... lemme know...

05-16-2016, 1:54 PM
What is yout goal here? What kind of look are you trying to achieve? Lastly are you planning on running a fender front or rear.

05-17-2016, 6:47 AM
Not really a theme. Bobber. No front fender looking at ideas on the rear. Why? Like I said open to ideas.

05-17-2016, 8:54 AM
i would consider chopping all of that tubing behind your seat just behind your shock mounts. Then maybe weld a short round loop in place of all of it (possible tie down location?). Are you dead set on the solo seat? If not, that bike would be bitchin' with a king and queen setup and you could make good use of all the supporting frame space over the rear tire.

05-17-2016, 9:39 AM
The seat looks weird sitting above the tank. Try lifting the tank front and back by a half inch to an inch and dropping that seat further into the cradle. An inch or two shorter shocks would drop the ass end down and round that off with a fender going more than half over the top of the tire. Like to the 11 o'clock position from how it's pictured. Ditch that cluster a over the headlight and find a way to make that brake arm less gaudy.

05-17-2016, 2:18 PM
Thanks guys. Really don't like the idiot cluster/gauges up there at all. Thinking of a low mount speedometer, with a scaled back set of LED's (neutral, hi/lo and oil). Not for sure on the seat and the rear fender is up in the air. I know I DO NOT want a front fender and likely will change out for a larger tire. I have the factory seat, which is cool-its red leather two up-looks like an old school king and queen- I can post pics after work.
Had not thought about lowering it, I'm tall, need to move controls forward already so that god awful brake arm is going to be hideous...haahahaha....
Does have me thinking about making a different fender/sissy bar/seat configuration...

05-19-2016, 9:49 AM
This is the old seat that came with the bike when I got it. It's different. 69746