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05-08-2016, 10:20 PM
So I've made some posts about what to get and you guys have been a HUGE help. I talked to my parents about what I wanted to build (my dad especially because he is the one with the welding knowledge). Fast forward to now. I've just finished my undergrad and as my parents are leaving from graduation my dad shows me a picture of a bike. This bike is not one of theirs, nor is it my race bike. Then I realize that they have gotten me a bike to build as a gradation present. :o
My parents are amazing.

I've been hooked on the cafe racers for a little while, but I have seen nothing about how to deal with the tank on the Maxim 400. I can't even find complete information online about the specs. THAT is frustrating. Now I'm thinking that its time to be realistic and stick with the original plan and make it a "bobber." I think that would look best on this bike.

The bike is a 1983 model. It's a deep red with a couple of blemishes on the tank. The bars are slightly bent from a tip over from the PO. One turn signal is slightly bent and one of the rear signals is cracked. Its a 33 year old bike. BUT it runs well. I mean VERY well I really can't believe how well it runs.

There are a few things that the bike needs more than gas and oil right now..
The front brakes are literally useless. I knew they were going to be laughable, but it was a very weird feeling when I pulled the lever and nothing happened. I just feathered the rear and used some engine braking to compensate. Then I cruised back home at a much slower speed.
Next the forks are totally dead. They dive when I change gears..almost like when I get on the brakes off of a straightaway on my racebike. I'm not exaggerating. The seals need replacing and they need new oil. Honestly I may just go ahead and totally rebuild them springs and all.
Other than some TLC that is really all that I can tell it needs. I think my parents did very well finding this bike in this condition.

I found a thread where a guy fabbed up an addition to the frame and added forward controls. I would like to try that in a similar way. As far as hard tails go.. Am I pretty much going to have to fab something up to do that? I would like to stretch it a little to pull the seating position back some.

I'll reply with pictures! My email is being weird..

05-09-2016, 7:21 AM
Here are a couple. It's only letting me attach and then there seems to be a limit. Not really sure.

05-09-2016, 11:02 AM
Try hosting them elsewhere, like Imgur.com, and then do "insert image"-> "From URL" paste in the image URL, and then make sure to remove the check in the 'host image locally' box.

05-10-2016, 8:31 AM
Xs400.com might have some info

05-11-2016, 7:52 AM
I dont know if I would hard tail it. You got the perfect suspension set up to look similar to a hard tail and ride much better. You could make a new mounting bracket for the top of the spring that would compress the spring more. Gaining a lower ride and still having some suspension travel. Chop the rear fender and mounts off and mount the fender to the swingarm and throw a solo seat on there. that would be a good start to the bobber look