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05-06-2016, 6:18 AM

The Alien Run 2016 is coming up in about two weeks, May 21st and 22nd, 2016

Located in Rachel Nevada, which is, approx. 147 miles from Las Vegas. So figure if you're leaving from say, Long Beach it's 428 miles. That's a long ride, but it's a pretty straight shoot and some people brag about pulling 500 miles a day no problem. Others plan a wee bit ahead and pull into Vegas, get a cheap room somewhere, and make the 147 mile ride out (and there is an official ride from Vegas to Rachel for this event) the next morning. For more info on the ride from Vegas to Rachel Saturday morning, you've got to follow @alienrun2016 in Instagram for all the details.


So what the hell is the Alien Run 2016? It's pretty much an event that dates back to, and I'm not sure exactly, but goes back 5 or 6 years, maybe 2011 or earlier... you see, when you're attending events concerning aliens, abductions, lost and or altered memories, and large quantities of booze... you may find you have a tendency to forget some of the details. It's open to all species, sexes (this is a NON segregated event), races, bikes (any style), cars, vans, landspeeders, farm tractors, ice cream trucks, droids, androids, cyborgs, halflings, elflings, aquairans, trans-dimensionals, multi-genders, and even Battlestar Galactica fans (although that might really piss off our guru non grata Wesley Crusher) (always hashtag #itswilwheaton and @itswilwheaton in any picture from the alien run you post or repost, he absolutely LOVES it!)

It's held at the Little A'le'Inn in Rachel Nevada (and if you've never heard of it, you're gonna have to catch up on your homework... HERE (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel,_Nevada)) and be sure to visit the official website of the Little A'Le'Inn HERE TOO > http://www.littlealeinn.com/

The owners are about the most hospitality minded folk you'll ever meet on the planet earth. They allow us to come in and host the Alien Run each year, they provide food and beverage sales, including 12 pack sales for campers, and provide FREE CAMPING for attendees (or abductees, whichever the case...?) Last year, when it rained on us, they opened up a secret plane (*) hanger and allowed campers to put up their tents inside a nearby hanger... believe it or not. This year however, the date has been pushed back slightly to decrease the chance of rain. Take a note.

(*) alien spacecraft

So what's the big deal about Area 51? I can't tell you... but research HERE (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_51)

There will be lights in the sky. There will be stars. There will be a bonfire. There will be a raffle from some amazing raffle sponsors, but this is at it's inner galactic core, a grassroots events. Come out have a good time. Support those who support you, not use you. Make some friends. There's no hidden agenda... greedy napoleonic bastards... money making corporate conspiracies behind the lime green curtain. NO ones trying to sell you a party and convince you it's some kind of holy sepulcher of Chopper divinity. There's not official sports drink or energy drink or major motorcycle brand sponsoring this event with monogram socks. This isn't put on as a business venture to exploit a ever growing populace, or should I say "chopulace" community? Which we all see plain as day before us all too often (but I'll leave my a-typical Lady Hump ramblings for the blog).... There might be a cow or two on the road, so please be careful when driving the final leg into Rachel... You might win a pair of panties in the raffle, history demands that anything won in the raffle as a clothing item must immediately be worn by the winner.... There will (probably) be some drunks around, so please drive carefully around them.

This years raffle / sponsors include;
The Little A'Le' Inn (our host, parasitic or otherwise supportive... depending on your intergalactic species?)
Lady Hump
Wuss Army
Kyles Kustoms
Moto Cantina
Busch and Busch Handcrafted
Zombie Performance
Ricky Bongos
Nerd Scouts
Speed-Kings Cycles
X1 Printing
Indo Cycles
Beetle Helmets
Showclass Magazine
Makers Moto
Casa Customs
Fabrication Underground
TJ Brutal Customs
Dirtbag Coffin
Retro Weirdoz
Grease City TV
Main Street Moto
Las Vegas Dynotech
and probably a few more I'm missing...


More information?
@alienrun2016 and @lady_hump on Instagram

Just a few pics from last year.






05-09-2016, 12:13 PM


Made some raffle shirts, and some shop rags FREE for those who show up...