View Full Version : CB750F clutch issue

05-03-2016, 11:30 PM
Hi there, got a question hopefully i can get some help on. I have a 1979 cb750f super sport, and the clutch does not "engage". Meaning i can not pull the lever at all. When i got the bike, the clutch lever cable was busted hints clutch not engaging and they broke the cable pullin on it. I put on a new cable and lever and of course i can't pull the lever. Do i just not know what im doin or is there a good reason why it wont engage?
Its been sitting for years, no oil in it now, and new clutch pads installed. Please advise asap. Thanks!

05-04-2016, 6:14 AM
like, the lever won't move at all? or moves freely, but doesn't disengage the clutch?

05-04-2016, 6:53 AM
Those are great bikes.... I've had several of the 1100F bikes... It sounds like something is put in wrong, stuck or broke... Do you have a manual???