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04-28-2016, 11:47 PM
G,day folks ,As you gathered I am from Oz or land down under and have what I thought was a Honda 750 Santee frame .
I purchased as a pile of bits a few yrs ago off a work mate who was never going to finish it and told me it was a Santee frame.
I have been told not so and pictures of the 750 rigid frame show what differences there are
However I have a copy of a 70,s sales catalogue from an old Motor Cycle shop in Sydney and listed is a picture of the Honda 500 frame alongside the 750 and my frame is near identical.
I have been told the 500 motor has different mounts so could I have an early 750 frame thinking that Santee may of changed or upgraded their design to strengthen as the difference is in rear forks and below seat being continuous tubing.
So far have run into dead end and not even information on Aussie manufactures has come up Trumps
Will Donald come up Trumps ??
I am a member of Choppers Australia and Honda Choppers.com but no one so far has any information.
Perhaps someone knows about history of Santee production.
Bike is just about complete now and have had many head aches along the way discovering rear hub on original rusty wheel was a 500 hub with 750 brake plate so rear sprocket from a 750 would not fit but have had one custom made, Just one of many things you discover
Frame has stamping S 00221

04-29-2016, 2:53 AM
I cant really help with id'ing the frame mate but if you ever want to get rid of it Ill sure take it.

04-29-2016, 6:22 AM
If you had of asked me several months ago I would of gladly seen the back of it .All I really need to do now is clean oil and fuel tanks, fix side stand so clears pipes and fit baffles in pipe and a few other small items.Wiring has been a pain as have wired as per factory as Aussie laws are much stricter than US.
How you get away with extra long forks, no front guards and ape hangers beats me
Luckily can register on partial historic registration as to fully register would require full engineers inspection meeting all 2016 Aussie rules for motorcycles.Achievable but a pain and expensive.Hate to have a hot rod fully registered.
I have other bikes so this was a sideline job and what a challenge as cant just order parts ready to fit.
A standard Honda 4 is seldom seen where I live so a chopper even less so
Will try and post a feature on its restoration for this site time permiting. Thanks Ian .
Nowra NSW Australia