View Full Version : Found a 79 x650 have some questions

04-26-2016, 9:38 PM
Hi guys.. As the title says I have found a 79xs650, the bike looks nice and I want it lol... The owner says he has title, the bike runs, and only needs the headlights wired he says. Is there anything I should as, or look out for? I live in Kentucky, I assume I just go get the bike, and he signs the back of the title so in which I take that to my local clerks office. 1,000 buck is the asking price..

05-13-2016, 4:35 AM
Ride it before you buy it... you'll know pretty quick if there's somethjng wrong with it.

05-13-2016, 8:20 AM
I have one of these, let it get warm and check the usual stuff like if there are any leaking gaskets or seals. You can pop off the chain tensioner acorn nut, (its huge by the way, I used an adjustable wrench) and check the cam tension,
by seeing how far the rod moves in and out, It should only be 1-2mm difference. The acorn nut is near the base of the jugs under the carbs. Also if you can pop off the oil filter and check to see if there are any plastic or aluminum filings,
that is a quick indication if the cam chain guides are worn. If they are its a pretty simple job but requires to take the motor out. Charging systems on these are medicore at best, I would look into replacing it completely and possibly the points
system if you dont want to deal with the gapping every several months. These are great bikes with a ton of aftermarket parts (650central is my go to place over MikesXS). I hope this helps