View Full Version : Nice 5 hour ride today in Virginia and West Virginia

04-17-2016, 6:12 PM
If anyone gets a chance and lives close to Winchester va which is on I-81 close to,West Virginia border take rt 50 west all the way to Mt Storm and then grab rt 42 south to highway 48 east and come back around to Strasburg va . Took maybe 3.5 hours and it was nice. Around mt storm is a wind turbine farm on the Wva mountains and you enjoy twistys on rt 50 and rt42 then a nice ride at speed on 48 ( those familiar with I-68 in western md with Have Deja vue on 48). Sorry only got one pic of bike and distant turbine on mt storm.

Also first long run with 3/4 and no shield with only glasses. Plenty of bugs to wipe off but I loved it.68970