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04-15-2016, 9:58 PM
I cant lash out on a decent compressor or gun and want to paint one of my bikes

Looking for advice on the best paint in an aerosol can including primers


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04-17-2016, 8:06 AM
I've had good luck with rustoleum and valspar from lowes if you're on a budget. Duplicolor for the clear.

04-18-2016, 6:26 AM
Rustoleum is good but takes FOREVER to cure.
Valspar is good and generally lays down real nice. They're my go-to for gloss black.
Krylon is my general-purpose go-to
VHT has treated me good.

SEM is supposed to be good, but I've never tried it.

I hate paying shipping on stuff like this, so I've also never tried Eastwood.

04-18-2016, 9:33 AM
If you're not going to spray 2K clear on it, it's just wasted effort. Regular aerosol clear coat has its places (like in the garbage can).

2K clear, if you're not familiar with it, is the same stuff that autobodies use. It is a two part system that sits inside the can (separately) and is not mixed until you puncture a seal inside via a button on the bottom. You then have ~24hrs (48 tops) to spray it. After that the clear has begin to harden inside the can and is ruined. Regular aerosol clears do not contain the same type of hardener. This is how it is premixed and can sit in the can indefinitely. 2K clear is $20-30 per can but well worth it if you want your paint to survive road debris, dings, gas spills, etc.

Also, you must use a spray mask and you should cover your body/minimize skin exposure when spraying it (just like professional paints). The fumes are much worse than regular aerosol.

04-18-2016, 11:09 AM
It's all shit, VHT flakes and discolors even after prepping correctly (sandblasting and baking), rustoleum paint and primer has fish oil, krylon likely does as well, bondo sucks......

99% of the time I'll take large parts to a pro, but for powdercoat touchup (I think that sucks too!) I like bbq flat black, and krylon is ok for semi-gloss cheap shit.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH EXPOSURE! Wear a respirator, I won't touch clearcoat after the prolonged cough I had from exposure in high school. Just take it in to a professional, chances are you'll fuck up at least some point in the prep anyway.

04-18-2016, 7:19 PM
Agree with post #5 most of it is shit, not saying you cant make it look good, but the first time you spill gas on it, it will eat it right off, or torque that bolt down its gona crack, saying that I have had good luck with Rustoleum appliance epoxy (derby cover) and Rustoleum bed liner (Rear fender).

04-24-2016, 9:03 PM
The paint store I work we can put PPG, Glasurit & Diamont automotive paint in aerosol cans. Same paint you spray out of a gun we just have a machine to put it in aerosol cans. You could find a auto paint store in your area to do the same. If you want candy paint Lil Daddy Roth Metal Flake has some nice aerosol candies, I have used them they work well.

Like boomboomthump said put a good clear over it transtar Jammin clear or the 2K stuff he mentioned you push a tab on the bottom to activate the hardner those will protect from gas spills I think we sell it for $22 a can