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04-14-2016, 7:42 PM
Trying my first shot at Flaking a bike. Ok Flaking anything. I am going to use House of Kolor paint system. I just have a couple of questions.
1- How much Flake should be used for a Star 1100 with full wrap rear fender?
2- are my plans listed below going to give me the best results. (This has be gathered from various places and using the search function)

1- Prep
2- Seal
3- Prime
4- Color sand to make sure I did a good job on the prep
5- Base Coat. I am looking at Orion Silver (Should I add Metal flake to this? I was planning on doing it)
6-Then I was thinking 2 coats of inter-clear
7- Tape out Design I want to be Silver
8- Spray a Coat or 2 over tank to get the light Blue I want
9- Tape off the light Blue Design
10 Spray with a Candy that has a little more concentrate to minimize coats
11- Remove all tape
12- Several coats of clear
13- wet Sand smooth
14- buff to glass shin

I will be following the Flash time and allowing chemicals to evaporate.

Any advise if I can get more depth by doing something different is appreciated. I want the Flakes to appear suspended

04-14-2016, 9:20 PM
Don't colorsand before you clear.it will mess up the flake

04-15-2016, 11:32 AM
1. amount of flake, depends on how you want the bike to look. some manufacturers say 2oz is enough for a bike.
2. there is more than one way to skin a cat, depends on the coverage you want, the size of flake you are using and what you want the final look of the flake to be, but regardless, i do a few coats of HS top coat clear after the flake and sand it back. sometimes a couple more coats and sand. the catalyzed clear is much better protection for the base and putting graphics on top of. and let that shit dry for a few days because your paint job is going to be thick and breaking the rules on the tech sheets.
3. as a side note, spend a lot of time prepping and cleaning. everything else is going to be built on top of your prep work