View Full Version : fat boy tire question

04-11-2016, 11:22 PM
Got a deal on a rear mag wheel off a fat boy today. Modifying it to fit my 12' sporty. Measured the bearings with my fract caliper and its 3/4" axle so just a quick change of bearings and new axle should slap right on. Problem is gotta find a tire but all these websites run searches based on what year the model of your bike is... but i don't know the year of the bike it was taken off of. The current tire is shot but reads mt90-16. First question - is mt90-16 same as 130/90-16? 2nd - has anyone found a good looking tire like Avon, Coker (zig zag Firestone) for a rear mag wheel like the one I describe? Again because most websites base they're search off your bike model, i haven't had much luck finding a tire... Anyways hope somebody can share some knowledge. Thanks players

04-13-2016, 5:45 PM