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04-11-2016, 2:23 PM
Hi guys,

I recently picked up a good deal on an 89 FXRS. The guy had been running this thing like a chopper so no turn signals, no horn, micro tank etc probably was riding it "all bad" aside from having the title. I plan on making this an on going project so acquiring functioning low miles engine, rubber etc was my main concern. Issue is I want to ride the thing inspected and legal. Without turn signals almost no where is slapping a sticker on it. It appears almost all the wiring for signals was removed except whats feeding the rear break light. This was unexpected, I stupidly figured he would have left some of that system in place.

Outside of wiring in some after market lights, relays and resistors in the past I don't have any experience essentially running an entirely new system. I have a manual on its way but I don't think that will be much help as the bike is no longer stock.

Looking to you guys for advice on the best way to get a cost effective, safe and well made setup on here. I've seen some nice switch housings I can get for controls and understand I will need a flasher relay and proper cables. Not exactly certain how to wire everything into the mains though. So is this something I should just order some parts for and take to the shop or try it myself? I hate wiring and wiring gremlins. I'll be taking her in for a complete once over anyways just to be 100% safe. Thoughts, Advice, Tips?

Thanks in advance.

04-11-2016, 2:48 PM
Blinkers are a very simple circuit.If you want to eliminate the latching relay and just hold the button down, then
it's just a few wires and a flasher, I would go with l.e.ds If you want to be able to release the button and have blinkers, then you will have to find a place for the latcher..

04-11-2016, 6:31 PM
There should be a pin connector block behind the left side cover. After finding appropriate wires (diagram) hook in and run them down the inside of either side of you rear fender. Rear tire off is best. Resistors will likely be necessary but can be added later if needed. I would run them out of the rear most strut/ fender mount holes which will give more room for throw-over saddlebags.