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04-11-2016, 12:38 PM
I am new to this site, but have caught the chopcult bug pretty bad. i want to build/restore a vintage bike, and I can think of no better place for inspiration than going to Born Free. My wife and I will be riding out that way probably June 21 or 22nd leaving Okla heading west. this will be our first time going cross country and we plan to camp and keep it minimalist as much as possible. I would love to meet great folks along the way, and have wonderful local experiences. The plan is to take route 66 for the most part and stay of i-40. Once i get to Flagstaff, i am going to break off and go SW toward Jerome.
I will be riding a newer Indian Dark Horse, so it should make the trip maintenance free (knockonwood). We are considering going up the west coastline into wine country and back through UT and CO coming home after the show but that might be too much riding for the wife. Send me all the tips you can, and if you are en route (NM or AZ) give me a shout! thanks.

rough trip route with I-40 and not 66:
http://www.bing.com/mapspreview?&ty=0&rtp=pos.35.47464_-97.51962__Oklahoma%20City__e_~v.34.8665678017251_-111.787452034565_Mission%20Rd___e_~v.34.7645323291 311_-112.093695931049_W%20Hopewell%20Mine%20Rd___e_~pos .33.771497_-117.699421_5305%20Santiago%20Canyon%20Rd%2c%20Silv erado%2c%20CA%2092676_5305%20Santiago%20Canyon%20R d%2c%20Silverado%2c%20CA%2092676__e_&mode=d&u=0&tt=Oklahoma%20City%20to%205305%20Santiago%20Canyon %20Rd%2c%20Silverado%2c%20CA%2092676&tsts0=%2526ty%253d0%2526rtp%253dpos.35.47464_-97.51962__Oklahoma%252520City__e_~v.34.86656780172 51_-111.787452034565_Mission%252520Rd___e_~v.34.764532 3291311_-112.093695931049_W%252520Hopewell%252520Mine%25252 0Rd___e_~pos.33.771497_-117.699421_5305%252520Santiago%252520Canyon%252520 Rd%25252c%252520Silverado%25252c%252520CA%25252092 676_5305%252520Santiago%252520Canyon%252520Rd%2525 2c%252520Silverado%25252c%252520CA%25252092676__e_ %2526mode%253dd%2526u%253d0&tstt0=Oklahoma%20City%20to%205305%20Santiago%20Can yon%20Rd%2c%20Silverado%2c%20CA%2092676&cp=34.43332~-112.233141&lvl=5&ftst=0&ftics=False&v=2&sV=1&form=S00027

04-11-2016, 12:50 PM
Bring plenty of water; the ride through western AZ to eastern CA is going to be warm. A while back, some members posted a good way to keep cool is to strap a water bottle to your handlebars so that you can squeeze the water and have it hit you on the face to cool down.

Once you cross over the AZ-CA border you'll want to hop onto I-40 for a while; that section of 66 is really bad. I was just there a few weeks ago. After about 50-75 miles it gets better.

The ride you have planned will be a good one. Have fun!

04-12-2016, 12:02 AM
Probably a little too far south for you, but my girl and I rode through White Sands in NM in December and it was really cool. If you are in to desert landscapes, it's hard to top. I love riding in that region of the country, it's so different than what I'm used to. Sounds like a great trip, have fun.