View Full Version : Garage TECH: Easy shelves for $2.

08-21-2009, 10:04 PM
As some may know (mainly cause I keep bitching about it lol) I have been cleaning my garage lately. I keep finding cans of WD-40, Spray Paint, Oddball cleaners, new quarts of oil, and other various stuff.

My garage isn't finished, as in no drywall or paneling or such, just bare stud wall. This is often, or almost always the case in older garages. Anyway, I had an area behind the door that was wasted space so I got to work fixing that.

Ignore the view through the window, you can see that corner is a frickin waste of space:


So, I took an 8ft 1x4, which is about $2, cut it up to the length of the space between the studs. On my garage, it was about 21", so I got 4 shelves out of one board.



Just hold the shelves up with some pieces of the left over scrap. These were about 1" or so. Make sure to pre-drill these, because as small as they are, they are VERY likely to split if you don't pre-drill. Once they are drilled, run some screws in the holes.


I just set the 21" boards on the supports and loaded it up with my crap. Now you could glue/screw the shelves onto the support, or put a board in front of them so they cant come off. Realistically, though, they aren't going anywhere the way they are.