View Full Version : LENS cracked

04-04-2016, 6:24 PM
I used to haunt this forum a few years back. Now I'm back here cuz I know you wrench monkeys can help me with this...
I found my fuel gauge lens cover unglued ( and then shattered into a billion pieces when i drunkenly fished it out of my vest pocket and it fell onto my garage floor) . It's the left side cap cover of the 2008 HD CVO Dyna..it was a simple round piece of glass like plastic which places over the fuel gauge lights. I can't seem to find a replacement and I don't want to Fuckin shell out $$ for a new fuel gauge when all's going need it s a replacement circular plastic lens to fit over it. I'm more than happy to stuff an envelope with something to show my appreciation...can someone out here cut me a piece? Text me at 561-530-9467. Thanks.