View Full Version : 91 Bandit 400 build. Also an intro

03-22-2016, 4:20 AM
Hey guys, thought I'd start a thread to track my bandit build. Will be helpful for you and me!

Around a year ago I bought a 91 bandit for $400. It didn't run, had like 35k miles on it, and was in general bad shape. Although, I sort of knew right away I didn't care. I wanted a frame. and frame it had, along with a sketchy-at-best title situation.

I quickly stripped it down to just a frame in my shop (4 car, all the tools you could need, etc.) Around this time, I got a job offer cross-country, for a substantial increase in pay and better working conditions. I had to say yes. I quickly sold or gave to my friends all of my tools and bandit parts, but I was still set on this project. So, like any grade A moron, I liquidated all of my belongings, bought a 6x10 trailer, loaded it with whatever I could (mainly my CBR and my toolbox) strapped the bandit frame to the tongue, hooked it to my jeep and drove it all 3000 miles.
I did take a several hundred mile detour to go to Pikes peak though.

Anyways, so now I'm in an apartment with a 1 car garage, with 1 110 10amp outlet, and very little tooling. So I figured I'd just pluck away at this as far as I could until I buy a house out here and can get a shop set up again.
So far the only thing done is the gsxr front end swap. I did however lay some parts on it to get an idea of what I like.

anyways, hope you guys like it. Ill keep updating as I get more done.

04-03-2016, 10:28 AM
small update: had a few hours yesterday to stand at the lathe and was able to make all the small spacers/shims needed to adapt the gsxr swingarm I have sitting around.
No pics yet, sorry, but hopefully I'll have some time this week to cut the frame and mount that swingarm.

04-03-2016, 1:29 PM