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03-20-2016, 9:36 PM
I've gotten several PMs about this, figure Ill post them here so hopefully someone can benefit from it.

When I took out the TPMS, I was doing a complete unfucking of what Harley did. Ditched everything not needed to run and it worked well, aside from my shitty connections (do yourself a favor, make damn sure your connections are 100%!!!)

I did this over a weekend with the bike in the living room, and used the stock harness with my redactions.

In the end, I ditched the speedo, horn, blinkers, one tail light (and the other was an LED aftermarket deal) and swapped the headlight to LED with its own controller. I only kept the ignition switch and added a solenoid push button to start it. The tail lights, headlight and horn can be retained if you want to find a place for a horn button and loose the high beam (or hide a switch for that too.). You could also possibly find a way to keep a push button start, but I didnt care and I was budget minded. If I were to do it over, Id put a toggle for the headlight either in the bucket or the visor along with a push button for starting.

If you do this, you can either get new lever mounts for the handlebars or do what I did and hand file the stockers down.

Pics might not be too big, but you can get an idea for most of this.

Stock clusterfuck


What I paired it down to:


I believe everything with a "?" I ended up grounding.

I also did this in my living room over a weekend with the harness still in the bike. If I had to do it over, Id label everything then pull the harness and open it up on a nice large flat surface. I also had some wires that needed to be drastically shortened (but I didnt) and others needed to be lengthened, so be prepared.

LED headlight I used


Side view with different headlight that sucked


03-24-2016, 9:54 AM
When I did this with my '88, I printed the diagram across several pages, taped it on my garage wall, and started marking things off. I was amazed by how much you can get rid of.

I used a car style ignition from a marine application to handle starting.