View Full Version : 77 CB750 Bobber build

03-06-2016, 3:27 PM
I was recently given a torn down 77 cb750 and I would like to hardtail it and turn it into a bobber. I was wondering if a cb750a hondamatic motor would be able to bolt in like the regular motor... Just wanna make something I can cruise around on... Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated!

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03-06-2016, 9:40 PM
I know that honda used the same frame for the cm/cb 400s for the standard and hondamatics models. Probably to keep production cost down. I would think it would be the same for the 750s as long as they are the same model years. But i could be completely wrong here

03-07-2016, 8:23 AM
I guess I'll just have to get a motor... EBay has a fully built motor for $250+ shipping so not a bad gamble...

03-08-2016, 10:31 AM
To answer your question, all CB750 motors have the same bolt patterns on their respective frames.

03-08-2016, 10:33 AM
If you want to make that motor run better. Find a set of pre -1976 carbs and get a camshaft from a K motor.

03-08-2016, 10:43 AM
Ok that's good to know is there a site that carries them or is it just kinda find em if you can?

03-08-2016, 10:50 AM
If I buy the K camshaft should I buy the rods/pistons as well and will they fit in the A motor? (Sorry kinda new to this)

03-08-2016, 11:56 PM
The matic motor has a large torque converter where the standard cb has the clutch cover,, that area can cause clearance issues when attempting to fit an auto into a shifter frame. If you want some serious cb750 knowledge check out the forums over at hondachopper.com