View Full Version : suzuki volusia 04 bobber project

03-01-2016, 8:24 PM
Hi all. I'm dialing in from Sydney, Australia. Ive got an '04 suzuki vl 800 thats been in my shed for a while and im thinking of a bobber project with it. I already like the stock frame, just gonna strip off the excess, fabricate a tiny rear guard and front guard and maybe drop some flat bars. Maybe wrap the exhaust. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

03-02-2016, 11:22 PM
dude,,, I got a 2005,"bully" and if you are looking to drop the bike in rear WWW.Johnskits.com has the needed parts ,cheap and does wonders, 35 bucks for a 3 inch drop kit .mine is going cali style cholo,dropped with some apes ,the rest of the bike is cool with me ,since last year ,4000 miles and only thing needed replaceing was a frikken turn signal bulb, so these bikes are built for the long run ,,,CHEERS man.(I went to this after a 1972 sporty) why ?"ride on" is why, the zuk could do va to cali, without as much as refilling the gas tank,.damn good bikes, they havent changed much in 11 years,,, ,fawk the naysayers ,hahahaha.not a Harley for sure, but a very well thought out, jap version of the old dressers from h/d .and if you want more info ,,,go to Volusia riders .com. They have some realy good info there, is all zuki site.cheers .ride on 67511