View Full Version : Wire Harness needed for chopper

02-27-2016, 5:38 PM
my bike needs to get re-wired. Anyone use a wire harness they prefer? One from custom chrome maybe? Auto store maybe? An ordering part number would help if you get it on line? I have an EVO, headlight, taillight, ignition, no blinkers but would like the wires there if for some reason I get a fix it ticket.

02-27-2016, 5:39 PM
Electric start as well

02-27-2016, 6:48 PM
Make your own.... It will be better than anything you can buy.....

02-27-2016, 6:53 PM
ive never had good luck with aftermarket harnesses. you have a pretty simple chop sounds like. maybe build your own. if you take it one wire at a time its pretty simple

02-27-2016, 9:09 PM
The wiring has been done by several people over the years, solder here solder there. I've messed with it in the past. It is a simple bike but when I've messed with it I just mimicked the wire gauge that already existed. To me, a wire is wire as long as the gauge is correct for the application but I one mechanic I had work on it call it "whatever household wire you used." I used wire from Home Depot. So now that I need it re-wired I'd start out with legit wiring that's "designed" (for lack of a better term) for an MC.

02-28-2016, 5:15 AM
You'll still be cutting, crimping, heat shrinking and so forth even with a kit. Choose to do it right and you can do it right.

daroberts3 makes wiring harnesses to order and his kits can save you time.

02-29-2016, 8:58 PM
Do it yourself, rip out everything and start from the beginning. Lots of wiring diagrams on the net. Lots of how to videos on soldering crimping heat shrink. Great sens of pride when u do it yourself and the ability to troubleshoot if u break down in the middle of no where.

04-07-2016, 5:07 PM
Check with Dave over at broken sprocket garage