View Full Version : 1989 Honda CB250T Cafe Racer Build

02-26-2016, 12:56 AM
Hello Chop Cultists,

I am currently working on my first project. I inherited this bike.

Its not in great condition. I took the carbs apart and cleaned them up best i could. I still need to figure out how to balance and tune them.

I want to convert to a cafe racer, so im taking everything off.

What will be special about this bike is the electronics. I intend to install an arduino prototyping board in it. It will be operated by the starter button. Once pressed it will check the bike is in neutral and the battery is healthy and then start the motor, then cut the motor after 10 seconds if its not pressed again. Thus creating a keyless ignition system with some useful functions onboard.

Let me know what you think. Im open for suggesstions.

here are some current photos.

My most recent mods have been to weld holes in the fuel tank, i think ill be able to close them. I was attempting to pull dents with welded studs.

Ive been given R2000 (= $130) (im in south africa our currency is rands ZAR)
to spend on parts.

Im not allowed to sell this bike. I inherited it on the condition that i keep it and pass it on to my kids one day. So before i have kids, i want to spend time making it look and ride amazingly.

02-26-2016, 5:51 AM
Add some cool colour changing leds to that arduino set up I think it'd be coold to see the colours change as you pick up speed. Other than that have fun and take your time, youre off to a good start.

02-26-2016, 8:24 AM
I'd have a hidden bypass in case the charging system spikes your Arduino. You may never need it but if you do it will be nice to have for troubleshooting and emergency use.

02-27-2016, 3:36 AM
Sounds good. Look forward to seeing it work. I'd never have thought to arduino up a bike

03-08-2016, 12:23 AM
Spent some of the money on handlebar, indicators, brake light, grips, tachometer.

Closed the holes in the tank with Pratleys Steel Putty. I will smooth it off and prime and smooth again the tank a couple times till its very smooth.

removed the premuffler section of the exhaust and welded the bend right onto the muffler on the right side. Now im working on the left side... Here is a picture of it.. not welded yet, just bolted in place so i can spot weld it.



This bike is so dirty. I want to strip it down to parts and clean it properly. But I also want to ride it. I think ill get it operational and then ill know if i want to change more. It would be sad to strip, clean and rebuild it just to discover i want to modify the frame a bit more.

damnit. my title is wrong. its a 1979 model honda cb250t