View Full Version : Vlx Hardtail Strut - tubing thickness

02-22-2016, 8:41 PM
Hey guys

I'm coming from the world of cafés and supermotos so my fabrication skills are somewhat lacking. I've got a vlx 600 and want to hardtail strut it, but I'm confused about the gauge/thickness of 1" square tubing to use. I did search google and this site but wasn't able to find specs.

Would 0.065 do, or do I need 0.120? I just want to make sure as I want to keep my Ass off my rear fender. Sorry if it's a noon question, and thanks for any help!

02-23-2016, 1:49 PM
Anyone? The common size I'm seeing is 0.065 but when I had it in my hand, it just didn't seem like it would be sufficient. Finding 0.120 seems more difficult but I see it for sale on many websites.

Weather is getting nicer here but I recently lost my job. Just want to put the final touches on my bike without spending a bunch!

Thanks guys

02-23-2016, 4:00 PM
I would stick with at least .120, not really a part that you want to fail on the road.

02-23-2016, 4:06 PM
That's what I was thinking as well. Just wanted to get some first hand experience. Thanks Hank.

02-23-2016, 10:07 PM
I'll second that, on the .120". That's roughly 1/8" (.125" = 1/8") so the other stuff being about 1/16" is gonna be scary thin. Maybe for a race bike where weight was a big deal and you wouldn't have to worry about hitting potholes and shit in the real world? But that's pretty thin stuff.

02-24-2016, 11:49 AM
Awesome, thanks for the input