View Full Version : Recommend a best buy in 530 chain?

02-09-2016, 4:06 PM
I'm converting my wide glide from belt to chain in order to gain room for a wide tire.

I like to research extensively and buy stuff that's exceptional value for the money. Name brands mean nothing to me. There are a lot of chain choices out there that range in price from $50 - $300.

What's a good chain for a big twin? I hate to spend big money if I don't have to...

02-09-2016, 5:43 PM
What motor you're running matters as well, since chains have different ratings.

I'm running a Tsubaki 530 x-ring chain. It is good for up to 200hp. Don't have anything bad to say about it.

02-09-2016, 6:12 PM
Right now I've got a stock 88" in a stripped down dyna frame with a 200 Cobra rear tire.

02-12-2016, 6:44 PM
I ended up buying a RK Chains 530 GXW chain. It's rated for a 1400cc engine (10,000 psi), is pre-stretched, and I saw several guys on sport bike forums saying it holds up great and has real long life. One guy said he was at 10k miles and the chain still looked good. Sounds like It should easily outlast the aluminum sprocket.

I also picked up the RK branded chain breaker/riveter.