View Full Version : DIY Springer Rods?

02-09-2016, 1:14 PM
Need to put this old extended Big Twin springer together. The springs and rod bushings are in good shape but it's missing the rods.

I'm assuming there are some good reasons NOT to cut and tap my own rods, but I need someone to tell me directly. Are the OEM rods hardened beyond regular stock?

Also, this never came with inner springs. I know some guys pulled them out back in the day for more travel I guess, but with the added weight of these radius rod legs is that a terrible idea?



02-09-2016, 9:28 PM
Just buy them they run about 60.00 through colony. Chrome will be more. Can you tell if it uses tapered rods?those are stock ,some old custom springers used just straight rods but they can pull the threads.

02-10-2016, 7:29 AM
Being it's an extended stock springer, just buy new stock spring rods from Colony. You won't have to deal with the taper at the bottom.

As far as the inner springs, it was common place to remove them on extended front ends to soften up the ride. On a stock length/rake this would cause it to be bouncy. On a raked out bike with an extended front end, you need a slightly softer setup to allow the forks to articulate more freely. The spring rates of the stock outer springs work well on their own in this setup (narrower aftermarket springs with lower rates, not so much).

Put new spring rods in it as-is and ride it. It's easy enough to tune it by adding inner upper or lower springs if you need more rebound or compression dampening as needed (or both).

To answer your original question about whether the rods are hardened, I don't know but I've never read that they are other than the bottom nuts. That said, I'm making my own custom springer and my own custom rods for my own reasons. I'm making them out of 5/8" hardened chromoly. Stock rods are 1/2".