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10-31-2015, 9:40 AM
With this build I am attempting to use as many spare parts that have been just sitting around my garage to keep the costs down I will only purchase what is required to complete the build. I am starting with a 67 front loop that has no title and when this began I had planned to build an off road 650 as off-road bikes do not require titles . That will change later. I will be using a David Bird street tracker rear section and since I work for Lowbrow that was given to me for test fitment purposes . If I remember I think I spent a couple of hundred for the front loop . The new rear section bolted right up with no issues , those are designed to lower the seat height and will accept a Biltwell 86-03 sportster banana or cafe seat . They also are very minimal as compared to the factory rear section. Next I added a stock swing arm left over from a bike I had put a bolt on hardtail on, so little or no cost for that. I am nearing the end of this project so hopefully you guys will be entertained by these posts because there will not be any bigs gaps due to things not getting done .

11-04-2015, 5:01 PM
Next I added a set of vintage Arnaco adjustable shock bought on fleabay a couple of years ago for about 40 bucks . I dug up this stock 64 front forks and wheel that I removed from another bike some time ago , I put those on there for mock up to see how the bike would sit with a stock front end . I then added a back wheel from my collection of wheels I buy these all the time just for the hubs and brake components usually paying anywhere from 25- 50 bucks depending on how rusty the rims are . I also had that tank sitting around from a T-100 . Now it is a roller not looking too bad and still very little money involved . Back to the garage the sun is out today and maybe I can go for one of my last few rides for the year .

11-04-2015, 5:37 PM
Didn't know Bird made suspended stuff... Cool. Almost looks like you could fit some champion bodywork onto that thing. So far so clean

11-05-2015, 6:17 AM
Love that it's made with left over parts. Looks like it's gonna be a winner. Subscribed!

11-06-2015, 7:43 AM
I don't know when you have time for all this, but it's looking good.


11-07-2015, 4:23 PM
Here is the motor for this project I picked this up at the Ohio Valley BSA club meet 3 summers ago for 500.00 it is supposedly rebuilt and normally if I were to buy a motor like this I would take it apart to check things out but what the heck I am going to get it running and go from there . When I got it I did look in the plug holes and saw new pistons looking at me and it appears to have new valves and guides ,it was missing the primary cover and someone had painted where the side cover screws go blue so I did change that cover and took a look inside there . I also had to change the kicker cover as this being a late motor you can not fill the trans on the top of the case it needs to be filled at the cover so basically the way I got it there was no way to fill the trans . The clutch was looked at and a primary cover was added .

11-11-2015, 4:18 PM
I decided to go with a different gas tank , this tank has been hanging around for a while it came off of a non-running craigslist bike and that was sold soon after purchasing with a different tank on it so I would call that a wash since I made a profit on the bike that got sold. I did try to sell this tank several times but no one would give me even 250 for it so I kept it. The 500 tank is needed on another bike because I am using a W&W springer and just about any of the standard 650 tanks do not work well , the springer will hit the front of the tank. The 500 tank is the solution as it is shorter just change the front mount on the frame.

11-22-2015, 4:59 PM
I picked up a bunch of parts from our photographer Mikey and I am going to use this 71-72 front fork that he shaved the fender mounts off of the lower legs. I sold some of the stuff from that purchase so I figure I probably only have a couple of hundered in the front forks and the wheels. The top tree had been cut on where the tops mounts are so that got welded and cleaned up . I removed the bushings for the handlebar clamps and replaced those with some brass bushings from the hardware store , those were pressed in and then sized to accept some Biltwell slimline risers for the correct bolt size . I also have set of Biltwell tracker bars that came off of my rigid ironhead that I sold a while back , they were scratch and dent from the shop. In the parts I got there was also a front wheel for this front end and a rear wheel with all the fixings and a usable sprocket . They will get the chrome cleaned and shined and a new set of inexpensive tires . I also made some forks stops out of some bolts by cutting the heads off and tapping the frame holes for standard american threads . I installed the OIF front forks to this pre-70s frame by using a tophat from a trident and some 1"