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06-26-2015, 9:59 AM
Anyone have as bad of a time with headlights as me? Sometimes I don't get 10 miles before they burn out.

Triumph unit 500. Sees over 8k and triple digit speeds every time it gets out.

Bottom end balanced by marine, no noticeable difference.

4.5" bates, can't even find decent sealed beams in production, been through some expensive nos bulbs that lasted a few hundred miles, modern replaceable bulbs, and random screw mount single filaments. currently running an led that pisses people off and I still can't see shit, but it stays on(even that is starting to act like its shorted internally).
Really want to keep 4.5 and not go to 5 3/4.

Added top mount to headlight, no difference, leather washers top and bottom, no difference.

Running a battery and boyer power box, previously ran boyer light delay and no battery, no difference.

New stator and rotor.

Boyer Ei

06-26-2015, 6:28 PM
it's not just your bike Sam, those 4.5" headlights burn out bulbs all the time.......and no one really knows why.

06-26-2015, 9:33 PM
It's likely heat related, easy bake ovening the thing to death the extra 1.25 likely allows more heat dissipation avoiding the issue... also try never touch a bulb with your bare fingers without giving it a cleaning afterwards once in if you do touch it; with something like an alcohol prep or 91% from a drug store with a clean cotton cloth... because the oils from your skin left behind on the globe, will kill a bulbs life with a quickness.

06-30-2015, 9:26 PM
Is it ground to the the shell or a wire run out to the frame? I've been having hard times with ones ground to shell, and grounding to frame seemed to help.

06-30-2015, 10:32 PM
grounded from bulb straight to the frame, it may also go to the shell.

I have a 5 3/4 I'll dig up and throw on there to see if it works any better, really not gonna dig the size of it.

I didn't think handling had much effect on the sealed beam bulbs, I'll keep it in mind.