View Full Version : first time build 82 xj 550

06-14-2015, 11:01 AM
just picked up this 82 xj maxim 550 with 10k miles for 250 bucks was not running but after a carb clean it started right up the guy even bought a new battery valued at $50 so its like i took it for an even 200
I'm new to building but not riding so bare with me here is a list i have started of things i need to do to make her road worthy before i even start the chop on the back
let me know if you can think of anything that i should add to this list i am eager to get started but plan on taking my time and learning as much as possible for future builds.

so here is the list
adjust/sync carbs
check valve clearances
adjust the clutch
oil change
replace oil filter o rings “leaking”
clean out the small rust in the tank
new inline filter
replace breaks and break lines "break pads look ok but not sure how old they are"
break fluid change
replace chain and sprocket
new tires

let me know what else you guys can think of this is just the list to get her back on the road there is quit a bit i want to change later on
here is a few motivational photos


06-14-2015, 3:23 PM
good to hear you decided on something and got it cheap. Do the brakes first, that way when you get excited and go for a test ride you wont die.

I would advise getting the bike in rideable shape before chopping and just get a feel for things. Ideas will come to you as you do this