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06-13-2015, 10:18 AM
Whats up guys, been trolling here for a while as most of us have done. Really love the apparent camaraderie on the cult and the encouragement to stay away from your "bolt on bobber" kits and the enthusiasm for creativity and individualism. I have been building custom vw/audi's new and old for the past 5 years and have been a mechanic my whole life, from bicycles to airplanes/helicopters, then on to cars and now stoked to take that to motorcycles. Heres a few quick shots of my newly acquired xvs1100 classic. Finally arrived yesterday (shipped from michigan) and I quickly started stripping a few of the obnoxious attachments, looking forward to really start cutting on this thing shortly.

*Just after the wash and headed to the DMV for my inspection..
http://i1315.photobucket.com/albums/t584/modified666/IMG_3540_zpszxz9krfv.jpg (http://s1315.photobucket.com/user/modified666/media/IMG_3540_zpszxz9krfv.jpg.html)

*A few hours later, post DMV, missing a few parts and went for a quick ride..
http://i1315.photobucket.com/albums/t584/modified666/IMG_3545_zpszkmdfbct.jpg (http://s1315.photobucket.com/user/modified666/media/IMG_3545_zpszkmdfbct.jpg.html)

06-14-2015, 7:35 PM
Well guy.
Interesting choice of bike.
I'll be watching to see how she goes.
Good luck!

06-14-2015, 10:57 PM
Thanks. And for what its worth, the choice for the bike was made because this will be a daily "driver" for me for a while so I wanted something with low maintenance that I could just ride and still be able to make it look halfway descent. Not to mention it just so happened a family member didn't ride it so the $5 price tag was hard to pass up..