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06-09-2015, 2:51 PM
I'm not sure if anyone is interested in my project, but I figure I should post this somewhere.

So about a year and a half ago I bought an 81 KZ650 CSR for cheap transportation. It was essentially stock until I got it home and decided to change things up. I originally wanted to cafe it, but the frame just would not look right without extensive mods, so I just bobbed the tail and made a new seat. installed some clip ons, velocity stacks, lowered it, and a bunch of other things I can't remember.

Basically went from this:
To This:

Well, I was having some troubles getting the bike legal since it was originally from out of state and the PO that I got it from never bothered to get it in his name. I still rode it around, but the out of state plates with a 1998 tag on them made me nervous around where I live. So I purchased a titled 81 KZ750 frame off ebay for a decent price (under $100 if I remember correctly). My original goal was to just swap everything over to the new frame, but then I went to the Handbuilt show here in town recently and got the itch to modify it instead. This honestly was not a big surprise to me though. I like to modify and paint almost everything I own. So I started with the frame. I know I wanted to sit a little lower but did not want to hardtail it. I think I may end up with a mix of cafe/drag race style. I'd like to keep things simple and not complicate the look too much. Maybe infuse some of the traditional hotrod influence... Anyways, I went to cutting up the frame a bit. Had to make new shock mounts (which I'll probably remake again here in the near future). Made my initial seat pan, and am currently working to make a rear fairing that suits my tastes. In all I hope to have it built and painted (by me) before Labor Day of this year. I have a lot to do, but my hardest decision right now is still paint colors. I should mention that I am doing all this in my apartment garage. No machine shop or epic tools here.

And now on to some pics:

KZ100 swing arm for added length:
Seat pan will be separate:
Battery box big enough for minimal wiring:
General Idea for the rear (for now). Brake lights will be covered with a custom made red diffuser:
Although I am contemplating building something more like this (please disregard the anime stuff, I just like the tail):
Tank once it gets blasted and I get more argon for the TIG:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/KZ650/refresh/20150207_115132_zpsv3xeh2fo_edit_1423496995558_zps fxqy0ddr.jpg

Criticism/comments are always welcome. I have thick skin. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea and that's cool with me. I'm not out to impress anyone.



06-09-2015, 7:22 PM
Keep it coming

06-09-2015, 7:30 PM
Yes please do.lookin sweet

06-14-2015, 7:42 PM
Im digging the shit out of this.
I lived on one of those scoots for 2 years just riding around and around and around. Miss that bike terribly so I will defiantly be watching your thread.
Plus, Garage fabrication is much more interesting than professional.

06-14-2015, 10:00 PM
Dude! nice work on that battery box, and I really like what you are doing with the rear cowl / triple light set up. I love to see when people come up with original solutions rather than following the herd.

06-15-2015, 9:00 AM
Thanks everyone. Yeah, I have a hard time just building another cafe seat pan or brat style seat for this. Everyone has them and to be honest, this was just too ugly of a frame for that type of treatment.

I started making the mold for that cartoon style rear fender. I'll make this out of fiberglass then tuck it under the metal seat pan. I found an old Model T glass taillight lens in my stash that I will use. It's 3.5" diameter, so I should easily be able to fit all four of these bright a$$ LED lights behind. This also means I won't have to blow a mold for my own taillights again. I'll be making my own housing for the lens. I hope to have everything take shape enough for pics by the weeks end.

So much to do....

06-25-2015, 6:37 AM
Well progress slowed down this last week because of other things happening around me, but I finally found some time to redo my shock mounts and tack together a battery box. I still need to tack the batt box to the underside of lower seat pan once I finish welding it up and go after it with the body dolly. I don't have a sheet metal brake yet, so I bent everything up using some square stock and a hammer. I made the box a little longer than my open hole because I plan to run a bulk pin connector for all my wiring and wanted a place to hide that assembly up front and out of site while leaving a little space for relays and such.

I also built a splash guard to keep crud from coming off my back wheel into my carbs (still running velocity stacks). Nothing complicated. I only have it tacked in at the moment in case I need to change something later. I know most people put this in front of the back wheel, but I just never liked that look.

I also began making that cartoonish rear fender out of fiberglass. I really hate working with glass. If this ends up being a waste of time and materials, I might just build a wooden buck and beat some sheet metal over it to get the desired shape. It will be similar to the shape in green foam but with lower sides that will essentially 'tuck' the tire a little. Once I get this shape finalized, I will either build a second seat pan or modify the one I have to fit the shape. I'm not 100% sold on this design yet, so I'll probably just make a second one so I can switch them around when I want to go back to my original design.

After I finish this stuff up this week, I want to take my forks apart and start grinding down the handle bar mounts from my triple tree and begin building the gauge cluster for my speedo and tach. I also need to shave/add some brackets to my swing arm. I know things still look a little junky and unfinished right now. Everything now is pretty much in the mock up stage and will be torn down, welded, body worked, cleaned and painted before final assembly.

Thanks for looking.

07-22-2015, 9:45 AM
Not a whole lot of progress lately. I've been traveling and working on other projects. I did decide that using fiberglass is just too much hassle and I knew I wouldn't be happy with the results. So that went into the trash. I also decided to change up the design a little bit. I wanted something that will come down over the back wheel a little bit. Almost like an old number plate on the racers, but not quite as big since I still need to work around my shocks. It will basically be a combo of both these sketches:


I also decided to make the rear out of metal. It seems like the more natural thing to do for me. So because I do not have an english wheel or planishing hammer, I am making a wood buck that I can 'massage' the sheetmetal over. It will be multiple pieces of metal that I will TIG together as I go. So I grabbed a bunch of scrap pressboard that I had, glued them together and made a general sketch of the shape. I went to town shaping it with a grinder using a 36 grit sanding disc. That makes quick work of the press board but also makes a mess everywhere. If I wasn't in an apartment complex, I would be grinding in the parking lot. I still need to finish shaping it up, but you can see the basic shape, minus the 'legs' down below. I hope I can finish this part up quickly so I can finish mocking things up and prep for paint.


And for those curious, here is my plan for the taillights. As I think I stated before, I already have a Ford Model T glass taillight lens that I will put on here. I will take four or five of the super bright LEDs that I showed before and build a custom housing to weld into the tail when that's complete. Should be quick to make, but fun too.


Thanks to those that are watching.

02-11-2016, 10:34 AM
So its been forever since I updated this thread. I've been very slowly working on this thing. Life got in the way, as well as various other building projects. Regardless, I'm on a mission to have this at least running before the Lonestar Roundup in early April. I'm not entering it or anything thing, I just want to park close to the front again.

I ended up shelving that weird custom rear fender idea for now and built something a little simpler. I'm currently in the process of finishing up all my welding and smoothing out most of the seams/joints. The factory welds are pretty horrendous looking and mine were not of Concours quality either. I hope to have everything primed, sealed and sanded by end of next week.

I am relocating my battery to the bottom of my swing arm, so I built a custom box for that. I'm currently running an 8-cell Ballistic, so I built the box to fit that. The only issue I had was that my box stuck out past the factory arch by roughly 1/2". So I did what any self respecting person would do and extended the platform area on the OEM arm by roughly 3/4". I will be tapping the original SA tubes and installing some all thread that I can bolt my box to.
Arm (in progress):

After I shelved the weird anime fender idea, I went back and tried to form a rear fender using the original seat pan in my first post. Needless to say, the arch was way to tall for what I was looking for. I wanted something that would be a little lower and sleeker. The CSR's are not known for their beautiful flowing designs and this wasn't helping. So I made another one with a lower arch and much smaller area for electronics. Then I formed a simple drag inspired fender which I will soon brace up from the underside. Being an 81, I don't really have the option to run only a kickstarter. So if I am going to have electronics, I am going to hide them the best I can to at least give the image of an older, cleaner looking bike. Without the battery under the seat, I was able to shrink the electronics box dramatically. I was able to hide the box a little better by adding a slightly longer skirt to the side of my seat pan. I welded some coped bungs to the frame in order to attach the actual pan. So this will just bolt on for easy removal. I will try an post a more recent picture of that a little later if I can remember. I realize in the side profile pics, the tire is real close to the fender. These are the shorty shocks that I had on hand at the time. The rear will be raised a little once I change these out for longer ones.

I cleaned up my engine a bit and shot it with some cast iron engine paint. Honestly I am not sure about the color. It did not match the cap like I had hoped. Because my frame will be gray (VW L235 Mouse Grey), I will wait until I get that painted to see if they match a little better. If not, I may need to redo this. I still plan on sanding the fins and Kawasaki logos on the sides. I plan on replacing all the bolts on here with new ones as well. Debating with all new stainles or changing everything to matching hex cap screws. Also, this color does not photograph well at all.

I've done a ton of other small things that I either didn't photograph or just plain forgot about. I removed the long triangle looking exhaust mounts. The right side also held the rear brake arm, so I had to build a new mount for that. I should get a pic of that as well. It works like stock, just waaaaay smaller. I am currently working on building a custom gauge holder that I will attach to my modified triple tree hat(?) or whatever the top piece is called. I need to peel or blast the plastidip off my spokes so I can prep those for paint as well. I've been looking locally for a set of spoked wheels with dual discs, but alas, nothing. I still haven't figured out a good taillight setup yet. Any ideas are welcome.

I still need to build a license plate frame. Tentatively thinking of building an arch similar to a sissy bar that will wrap around the back of my tire just below my fender. I was really trying to avoid the typical sideways ones mounted to the swing arm. Once I get my TIG welder back, I will begin building my exhaust. I am just going to take the 4-1 from my brothers bike and weld on a custom muffler from Cone Engineering.

Thanks for looking.

02-12-2016, 6:55 AM
FUCK, dude!!! This is totally hardcore, lovin the shit out of his build!!!!!

02-12-2016, 9:08 AM
Liking what u have done so far!

I got a csr650h1. Where did you get those velocity stax and what jets you running?

I did stainless hex caps. They just look so right and easy to work with in the future!



02-12-2016, 11:44 AM
FUCK, dude!!! This is totally hardcore, lovin the shit out of his build!!!!!

Thank you. I just wanted to do something a little different I guess. I sure hope it turns out somewhat like I imagined.

Liking what u have done so far!

I got a csr650h1. Where did you get those velocity stax and what jets you running?

Thanks, I got these stacks from steeldragonperformance.com. For some reason my carbs were an odd size and none of their stock ones fit, so I had some custom made for mine. They were great to work with and they look great. I don't remember my exact jettings at this time. I know I did a lot of trial and error with different sizes. I want to say it ended up being something like 140-150 mains and 40 pilots. Almost as if its just dumping straight in there. But oddly enough, I still get almost 35mpg and it doesn't bog down.

I also put some screen covers in the stacks to help with dirt and excess air flow. I think I have a corse marine filter in there as well. I will need to check though.

But man, are these sexy or what?

02-17-2016, 7:50 AM
I'm trying to keep up on this thread the best I can. I got bored of sanding the frame last night and started tinkering on something else. I decided that I never really liked the look of the CSR triple tree. Way too cluttered and ugly. Since I am going to run clip-ons again, I had no need for the original bar mounts, so I cut those down and cleaned them up a little. I was still not happy with how they looked, so I also cut off the misc brackets up front. Since I am in the process of building a simple gauge pod for my ignition and speedo, those tabs were not needed. I will be cutting a plate out of aluminum to match the paper pattern shown below which I will then TIG on there hopefully this weekend. I will use that as a base to mount my new gauge pod. The tree will then be smoothed out and cleaned up at that time. I haven't decided if I will paint it. I guess we will see what it looks like after welding.

Original (pic stolen from the web):
Cut down and prepping for welding:
Paper plates save weight for racing...

I'm in the process of digging out all the misc pieces that will be painted the same color as the frame and getting those prepped and primed. I got most of the plastidip cleaned off my wheels last weekend. I need to take some sandpaper to the wire spokes and prep those for paint as well. So much to do, so little time.

02-17-2016, 4:22 PM
cool lil build you got on the go ,

keep us posted i can't wait to see where it ends up.


02-24-2016, 10:40 AM
Not a whole lot has happened this week. I ran out of welding gas and need to wait until Saturday to get a new bottle. So finishing the gauge pod/panel has to wait. But I can give a quick idea of how I am building it. I saw this method in one of my old Rod and Custom magazines. Basically make a wooden buck in the shape you want your panel. Make a face (and rear if you want it), wrap the side panels around it and tack it together. Once I tack it I will beat down that top arch and connect it to the lower part. I'll follow through with the TIG when completed then smooth out the edges and mount it to the front of my triple tree. Its going to take some finagling to get the mini speedo in there since it has a trip dial, but I think I know how to get around that. The pod will only hold my mini speedo and my ignition switch. The speedo already has my indicator lights.

Front and back:

Frame is mostly smoothed out and a light coat of etching primer to prevent rusting (its been wet here recently). Paint will get ordered this weekend so I'll get it primed, sanded and sealed shortly. Once painted I can get the engine back in and slap it back together finally. Weather has been too nice recently and I want to ride.


Slowly but surely...

02-27-2016, 3:51 AM
Nice looking build. I dig what you've been trying with the rear fender

02-28-2016, 7:08 PM
love that old school binnacle method! Damn cool!

Paint wise? Tarts hand-bag Flake?

Toying with flaking mine


03-01-2016, 8:55 AM
Nice looking build. I dig what you've been trying with the rear fender

Thank you. More to come with that soon.

love that old school binnacle method! Damn cool! Paint wise? Tarts hand-bag Flake? Toying with flaking mine


I actually promised my friends I would keep the paint on this one pretty simple. I have been spraying candy and flake on almost every project recently. I love the stuff, but man it gets everywhere. I still find flake in my place from stuff I sprayed years ago. I'll just be going a single stage gray (either L469 VW anthracite grey or L325 VW mouse grey) with a simple set of stripes in L87 VW pearl white. You can see the stripes taped out in blue on the rear fender a few posts up. Some old stuff I did years ago. I tend to paint a lot of tool boxes and jerry cans.
(unfinished box)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/Paint%20projects/20130302_150548_zps1a8218bb.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/Paint%20projects/20130506_174138_zps11fd5425.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/Custom%20Bike%20Project/35349b99.jpg(this was a girls SV650. She loves butterflies)

I tacked on a ridge down the back of my fender which I will soon mimic on the tank. Did this to both add some strength and for aesthetics. I just need to choose between the three tanks I currently have and see which one I want to use. I started welding on the electrical box to the pan last night. Once that's done I will trim up the side 'apron' near the tank and seam seal the underside. Paint has been ordered.

Here is a general profile of the frame/fender/tank from when I was smoothing out the joints.

Thanks for watching.

03-17-2016, 9:12 AM
Progress has been slow because the weather has been too nice to be in the garage recently. That and I decided not to rush my deadline of April 8th. I did manage to get my seat pan cut and welded up. I just grabbed some 10 gauge sheet steel I had laying around. I drilled some holes to clear the button head bolts holding the lower pan/tail on. I also ran a bolt down through the bottom so I can bolt it to the lower pan. I'll put on some little rubber feet underneath once I can get it upholstered. I'm still looking for someone to do that for me because this guy can't sew anything but buttons.
It will be easily removed to allow access to the electronics below (pic was before seat pan pieces were welded together)

Battery box has been mounted to the swing arm. Its a little too close to the frame up front, so I will probably slide it back about an inch.

My paint finally came in. It sure doesn't photograph well though. The first 10 or so cars I had growing up were old VW's, so I have a soft spot for the colors.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/KZ650/refresh/IMG_20160311_205807_zpsgey7qntx.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/KZ650/refresh/IMG_20160311_205755_zpsr6tqsi2x.jpg
They should look similar to these once in the sun.

Temporarily I am going to run my old taillights until I can find something that looks better. Previously I was just running a generic LED socket bulb for my running/brake lights and a flex strip of LEDs for my turn signals. They worked fine but I wished they were brighter. So I grabbed some of these super bright LED's fom ebay for $6/ea. My brother runs these on the back of his Frankenstein SV650 and they are freaking bright. So I made a generic bracket by welding a tab to a washer that will attach to the existing screw hole. I doubt the LED strip will be bright enough for my signals, so I will probably get something smaller to stick under my tail. Or maybe I will try and get two LED bulbs in there and use one for a signal.
This was just a basic mockup, I will most likely make new brackets and move them slightly lower and closer to the wheel. Essentially behind the shocks.

I also made a new bracket for my rear brake. The old one was long, ugly and was made to hold up the exhaust. So I made something simple. I cut down the stock pedal stop/adjuster(?) and tacked it on to my design. On the back side I welded a sleeve that will hold the OEM arm and prevent it from twisting when I press down.

I still need to do more fine sanding on the frame and misc pieces before I spray the high fill primer and do some more sanding. I have most everything separated, cleaned and ready for paint otherwise. I have been slowly picking all the Plasti-dip off my spoke wheels. If I can ever suggest one thing, its NEVER SPRAY PLASTIDIP ON SPOKE WHEELS. Cleaning it off is a pain in the @$$. Paint stripper and a power washer is your best bet. Especially for the sprockets.

Thanks for watching.

03-17-2016, 10:48 AM
lookin good man!

progress is progress,
keep us posted,


03-31-2016, 12:24 PM
Got the triple tree roughed in. Still need to clean up a bit around where it bolts down. I'll probably use a little filler to smooth it out a bit as well. Man, these are a pain to weld on. Had to crank up the amps real high just to get it to melt. Sometimes I really hate welding aluminum.

Tacked a ridge on one of my tanks to match the rear fender. I'm getting this one prepped for paint first. I still want to do the knee cutout on one of my other tanks at some point, but I really just want to ride ASAP, so that will wait until this is done. I' also welded in a set of bungs on the passenger side for my own gas sight tube thingys. I had already welded up the gas sender holes in the bottom and it seemed better than trying to count every 100 miles of riding. If I don't like it afterwards, I will omit it on the next tank (did I mention I have 3 CSR tanks to work with?). This tank had a ton of little dents all over it, so me and this filler are becoming real good friends.

Also built a crude license plate bracket which mounts off my lower shock mount. I can't believe what some people charge for these things. It was super simple to make. I may make another later that incorporates another brake light or something.

I still need to finish my gauge cluster and find an upholsterer. I've got a few metal/wood tables to build right now, so progress is slow on the bike. But I'm not quitting.

If these pics are too big, just let me know and I will insert them as attachments from now on.

Thanks for watching.

04-13-2016, 9:58 PM
No real updates. It's been too wet and humid to paint (no paint booth, just in my garage). But I made these wheel covers out of pizza pans. I couldn't justify the cost (or looks) of the ones out there. I'll use all thread and some black oxide acorn nuts to hold them on after paint. I still need to drill a hole for my tires air nozzle first. Probably will put some sort of tubing along the inside to prevent scratching my wheels. No more cleaning these spokes!!



Anyways, thanks for looking.

04-14-2016, 8:53 AM
love the pizza pan wheelcover idea,


04-14-2016, 11:00 AM
great job i love it .

04-14-2016, 6:38 PM
Thank you. For those wishing to make their own discs, it was pretty simple. I just found the center of the pan, drilled a hole and made a makeshift compass to mark my desired circle width. If I remember correctly my drum was roughly 7.5" diameter. After scratching that in the pan, I cut it out using a jigsaw and flap disc to clean up the hole.


Drill some evenly spaced holes to sandwich on the wheel and bolt together. Bam! Cheap way to keep from having to look at dirty spokes. I may change the pizza pans to some 15" hubcaps later. Just need to find some nice ones that aren't $100+ a set.

Thanks again.

04-17-2016, 9:32 AM
great thread ! love your ideas, pizza pan is awesome, gotta find me some 18" now !

04-17-2016, 3:14 PM
That's such a great idea..

04-17-2016, 8:56 PM
No real updates. It's been too wet and humid to paint (no paint booth, just in my garage). But I made these wheel covers out of pizza pans. I couldn't justify the cost (or looks) of the ones out there. I'll use all thread and some black oxide acorn nuts to hold them on after paint. I still need to drill a hole for my tires air nozzle first. Probably will put some sort of tubing along the inside to prevent scratching my wheels. No more cleaning these spokes!!



Anyways, thanks for looking.

04-24-2016, 10:17 AM

Very nice! The pans were definitely not my original idea. Pretty sure I saw/read about some others doing it on here.

04-24-2016, 10:48 AM
Its prime(ing) time! Shot some high fill primer on the large pieces. Once they fully dry, I'll do another light sand and prep for the basecoat. I changed my mind on the dark grey and decided to go back to my original plan of being a lighter grey. Should work out better in the end. Just waiting on the new grey to show up.


The second tank belongs to my brother's KZ650 SR. I'll be shooting it black with black flake and a candy blue topcoat. Should be subtle but pop in the sunlight.

05-02-2016, 10:19 AM
Weather has been much better lately which means I was finally able got the frame painted. It's a single stage paint from TCP Global's Restoration Shop. It's the first time I've ever sprayed single stage before. Before this it has always been BC/CC jobs. I really like this stuff. The frame itself was a pain to spray though. So many nooks, crannys and just hard to reach spots. I might do a light cut and buff on it later. Once it fully cures I'll take it outside and see how it looks.

I also painted my tank and rear fender/seat area. This was also a single stage. I know for a fact I will cut and buff this one soon. I still need to spray the grey stripes on these pieces. I will lay those out once the frame cures and I can bolt these back on to eyeball the layout. The stripes will be the same grey as the frame.

I still have a few more paint sessions I need to do. Mostly smaller items. Once I get the engine brackets painted I will be able to start reassembly. I'm really looking forward to that step the most. This bike has been apart for far too long.

Thanks again for looking. I hope my next update is during the assembly process.

05-04-2016, 11:50 AM
Colors seem to look better in the sunshine. Time to layout the stripes on the tank and fender. Should have most all the painting done by this weekend if things go right. So many little bits to shoot...


Thanks again for those watching.

05-04-2016, 12:00 PM
cool color choice can't wait to see the stripes :cheersmate:

keep us posted,


05-04-2016, 12:44 PM
Lots of nice little details there. Good job! Inspiring, for sure.

05-09-2016, 11:00 AM
Stripes are now on. Just letting everything cure now. Almost time to assemble after a little buffing. I anticipate that I will put a small red pinstripe to break up the colors and clean up my edges. I'm really anxious to put it all back together.


Contrasting center panel in there:

Should look good with a yellow light...

Thanks for following along.

05-09-2016, 12:53 PM
Exciting! This is gonna be one cool-ass bike!

05-16-2016, 7:30 AM
It was a pretty wet and humid weekend, so I spent some time in the garage tinkering on the bike again. I went ahead and installed new steering stem bearings this weekend. I used the 'All Balls' tapered bearings. Pretty simple job once I got the old races out of the frame. Then a little later I was able to slip the frame over the engine and then began the initial mock up assembly. I'm trying to replace all the bolts with black oxide socket heads as I go along. I missed a few needed bolts in my last order and will need to get those on the next order. It's slowly starting to come together. Once I am satisfied, I will put thread locker on most everything. I still need to buff out and pinstripe the tank and seat. Overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I should have installed the forks first. I won't be able to lift the front high enough to slip those in until I get my frame sliders painted and installed. If I can get an extra hand to come over before then I might be able to jack everything up while still on the dolly. We shall see I guess...


Thanks for following along...

05-16-2016, 7:55 AM
Looking good. I really like that color combo!

05-16-2016, 10:04 AM
wasn`t convinced with your color and stripes design, much better on the bike I must say...

05-16-2016, 7:47 PM
I like the color combo

06-03-2016, 8:25 AM
Not a whole lot has happened with this recently. I've been tinkering on a few other projects. I did get my front wheel painted and added some pinstriping to the tank as well. I also came to the conclusion that I screwed up while painting the two tone. Before I sprayed the stripes, I completely forgot to scuff the first color for better adhesion. So when I went to wetsand for a buff, it would take off little bits of the stripes. Then taping them off took even more paint. It was a complete bonehead move and I was bummed at first, but then I remembered I did not want a 'show bike' that I have to worry about chips and nicks. So I'm rolling with it. I'm sure I could have simply sanded the gray and re-shot it, but I'll probably rub it out a little more once the red cures to make it look more like an old racer or something. Patina if you will. Knowing me, I'll probably repaint it in a year or so anyways if I still own it. Or I can clear it. Who knows what I'll do at this point.

Now that I have the front wheel painted and assembled, I can put that back on the bike this evening and finally have a roller again. Then I can install my controls and headlight. I am currently working on getting my wiring harness cleaned up, stripped down, extended, etc. I'm going mostly bare bones with this. I picked up some gray wire covers and plenty of heat shrink tubing. Just waiting on a new fuse block as I am changing over from the old glass tubes to the blade kind. More on all that later. Here are the most recent pics. In case anyone was wondering, my forks are that high through my triples in order to keep them off the ground (painted lowers) until I can get my front wheel on. They are not staying at that level.


Thanks again for following along with me.

06-03-2016, 8:41 AM
Sharp! When I saw the close-up shot of the striping I thought, "that's not bad at all! Good excuse for a nice hand painted red pinstripe."...then I saw the shot with the whole tank. Oh well.

I agree it will look cool with some patina.

06-06-2016, 6:40 AM
I decided that I couldn't half a$$ the paint after all this work. I ended up sanding down the gray and red and shot another coat of the white on it. I'm glad I did because it looks much better than last time. Smooth like glass. Not too bad for a shoddy garage paint booth. I'm really liking using single stage paints so far. I'll let this cure a little bit before sanding and taping off for the gray again.


Slapped on my headlight to get a better overall look:

And finally put longer shocks on the rear. These are 12.9" shrouded shocks from a BSA/Triumph with slightly beefier shocks (125lbs each). I think they should work fine since I'm still under 200lbs. I'll probably crank up the preload one notch just in case. These will get painted once I redo the gray on my tank/fender and my crash bars.

Thanks for following.

06-14-2016, 10:47 AM
I didn't really plan on making an update anytime real soon since I haven't done anything worth noting, but work is slow and I need to kill some time. I recently decided that I was going to make a front fairing/shroud to go over my headlight and cover my gauge panel. I wasn't looking for anything fancy and wasn't really looking for the cafe racer style shrouds. So I decided to try and make one.

I'm going to attach this using my existing headlight mounting bracket/holes just to keep things easy. I'm still debating on attaching the gauge panel to the shroud just for stability reasons, but we will see ones its completed. I will be incorporating the same ridge design from my tank and rear fender into this to keep things consistent. Once I complete this, I will spray it the same off white color then add stripes to everything at the same time. Since my last update I've scuffed and prepped the tank and rear fender for updated stripes. No more peeling this time...

So I made about a million little sketches of what I was looking for....

Made a few different cardboard patterns. This was not the final design as my headlight was not angled correctly. I had to reassemble the rear (thats another story all together) in order to get the ride height set back, then adjust the headlight to the right angle.

then using my paper template, I started with the metal work. I wanted to try and roll the edges for a smoother look. I had never done this before, but had seen some things online and decided to give it a go. I'm not sure why my phone decided to crop the images so much, but it is what it is. Here is the basic layout with and extra 1/2" surround that I will be folding over.

These images are kinda useless since they are cropped, but what I basically did was take a 1/16" welding rod and place it along the line that I wanted for my edge. I then manually bent up the edges with some pliers and tapped them over the rod until it was pretty tight. The first side I did, I attempted in one go which, although more visually appealing in the end, was a pain in the a$$ to get looking right. So I decided to instead cut several tabs along the way and fold those over. Although not as pretty, this was much easier. Once completed, I welt around the edge with a body hammer and dolly to get everything a little more flat.

I still need to clean up my edges and then then shape it to my light, but this is pretty much where I stopped last night. I will weld on the center ridge and then smooth it out with a little filler next. This should stay fairly sturdy in the wind and help deflect some of it off my chest. Sorry again about the crappy photos, I have since switched cameras.

Hopefully my next update will include my gauge panel/shroud combo as well as some fresh paint. I did get my shocks and crash bars painted and installed, but somehow didn't take any pictures. I also detailed my rear sprocket/drum brake. I'll get better pics of those once I pinstripe and reinstall my pizza pans.

Coming soon.... Electrical!

Thanks again to all those watching.

06-15-2016, 6:27 AM
Hells yeah! As soon as I saw that headlight I thought, "Man, this is one time I would go for a little fairing." I don't usually like them but this bike makes it work. This is one cool ass build, brother! Good work!

06-18-2016, 10:40 AM
Still shaping this up a little better. Its still pretty rough but should work out. Currently bracing the underside so it won't flex after painting.

Just enough room for my speedo and ignition in there. Nice and hidden.

Thanks for looking!

06-18-2016, 10:49 AM
I like the side view a lot. The front 3/4 view males the top of the cowl look a little flat. Looking forward to seeing the gauges in it.

Good Job!

06-18-2016, 3:50 PM
Careful with how much you slid the forks up through the triple tree. It *may* get pretty squirrely and have some tank slappers, depending on the rest of the geometry. There are ways to reduce the height of your forks without sliding them up, but I'm not too sure of how on the kawis.

06-19-2016, 4:33 AM
Loving that small fairing

06-19-2016, 2:17 PM
Careful with how much you slid the forks up through the triple tree. It *may* get pretty squirrely and have some tank slappers, depending on the rest of the geometry. There are ways to reduce the height of your forks without sliding them up, but I'm not too sure of how on the kawis.

Oh yeah, those are not set to ride height just yet. With the new shocks out back and new springs up front, I get too much lean with the kickstand down. I'm modifying one of my extra kickstands to have an extension 'pad' of sorts to give it a little more height (I'll make a post about that later). Once I get that set, I'll lower the forks to have roughly 1" exposed up top. I'm sure there will be some trial and error on the final setup though. Thanks for looking out though!

10-05-2016, 2:43 PM
It's been a long while since an update. Here are some semi recent pics.


10-05-2016, 2:54 PM
So hot!

10-05-2016, 6:20 PM
Thank you! Just doing what I can to make a CSR a little more appealing.

12-05-2016, 8:44 AM
It feels like its been forever since I have updated this thread. Been pretty busy with trying to plan a wedding and find a house with a real garage. I am pretty much done with this build. I have a few areas to hit with some touch up paint and I still need to find a local sign painter to throw some numbers on the rear fender. But other than that, its pretty much done (until the next rendition). A few weeks ago I took it over to my brothers garage after a minor incident involving the fire department, a leaking petcock and my apartment complex. And to be honest, trying to tune a motorcycle in an apartment garage is super loud and my neighbors can only tolerate so much shenanigans from me. At my brothers, we spent a little longer than I am proud to admit trying to get it tuned again. Kept having issues with cylinders 1 and 3 not really firing. Keep in mind that we didn't adjust anything on the carbs when I took them off, so I was baffled. Turned out to be an intake leak between the engine and the carb inlet boots (whatever those are called). Tightened a few things and we are good. I have a small exhaust leak on #1, but should be corrected once the copper gaskets come in and get installed. For those curious about the tuning with the velocity stacks, the carbs are Mikuni BS34SS off a Suzuki 750/900 using 135 mains and 42.5 pilots. I'm using a semi-dense foam lawnmower filter inside the stacks to keep debris out. I think they are turned out about 2-2.5 turns on the air/fuel inlet. All running into a 4into1 exhaust. It sounds wonderful. For good measure, we decided to check the valve clearances. Some were a little loose, but still within tolerances. We added shims where needed. Sounds better now, less valve chatter. We finished this up this last weekend, but due to the rain, were unable to do my shake down runs. Weather should be clearing up tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

Great news for me what aside from the horn, all my electrical was spot on after the rewiring was done. So many hours spent staring at various wiring diagrams and installing new connectors, heat shrink and wire loom covers actually paid off. I was real worried I would need to rip it back apart after I got it installed and tried to fire up the bike. Victory!

I finally got my seat done. I took the heavy metal pan I had made previously to a local upholsterer. Asked It took the guy I found a little longer than I would have liked, but the seat itself looks and feels great. And it only cost me $200 for everything. So I wasn't too worried about the wait.
underside: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/KZ650/refresh/20161130_161606_Burst03_zpsnahtcvni.jpg

Thanks again for everyone following along. Its been fun. I learned alot on this build. Some for the good and some for the bad. Next bike will be even better and much simpler.


04-28-2017, 10:51 PM
Such a awesome build.
Glad I came back and found the end result.

04-29-2017, 7:08 PM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/KZ650/refresh/20170415_165109_zpsx4vn5iho.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Mattimus/media/KZ650/refresh/20170415_165109_zpsx4vn5iho.jpg.html)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Mattimus/KZ650/refresh/20170415_153040_zps2kqrhhyr.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Mattimus/media/KZ650/refresh/20170415_153040_zps2kqrhhyr.jpg.html)
I forgot about this thread. Added a running light to the bike. Works great on country roads.