View Full Version : My first build - Suzuki GS1100

06-05-2015, 1:10 PM
Hey all, total new guy here. I picked up an 82 GS1100 a few weeks ago and have been riding it. Time to start removing shit this weekend and making it look meaner. So far my plans are:

Drag bars
bar end mirrors
Solo seat
Chopped read end after the shock mounting bolt

I am going to start off with a few basic noob questions.

1. What tools do you consider important for your average garage build? I will be farming out the welding but I'm open to doing most other stuff myself.

2. If I buy shorter shocks to lower the rear and slide the front forks up a bit is that all I need to do to get it a little lower? I'm not looking to drop it a bunch, just 2-3 inches at the seat.


Will post pics soon.

06-05-2015, 8:09 PM
You can make due with hand tools, wrenches, sockets, hacksaw. Power tools are nice though. A cheap mig will make you happy.
You can flip the swing arm on most bikes, no need for short shocks. And yes slide the tubes up the trees.