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06-04-2015, 4:22 PM
Hey guys, I've lurked on this forum for a long time now and so many of your builds have been a big inspiration to me, so thank you guys.

Now, on to the point of the post. I had decided it was time to run all my wires through the backbone of my VN800 in preparation for a low tunnel sportster tank, so in an attempt to save myself some soldering, I figured I could write down which wires went into which plug and then depin the plugs and pull them through the backbone from the seat towards the headlight. It definitely wasn't working, so I go back to the diagram I made for all the plugs and wires and put them all back in. I cut the wires at the seat and pulled them all through the backbone from the headlight towards the seat, matched all the colors , taped it all up and plugged it all in.

I put the key in and test everything without starting the bike. Blinkers work, neutral indicator works, idiot lights work, horn works. So without having hit the start button, everything works.
I want to make sure the headlight works and as you all know, the headlight only turns on without the bike running if you give the start button a quick poke so that the starter kicks over, but it doesn't start the engine. I Poke the starter button and the starter kicks on and starts up the bike (may be continuously running, I'm not sure, I cant hear it with my engine running). On top of that, the left turn signal stays on when the motor is running and even after I hit the kill switch. If I turn the key off and turn it back on, everything works fine until I hit the start button again.

I hope someone can help me figure out what I did wrong. I really need my bike. Thanks in advance guys, keep choppin'!

06-04-2015, 10:25 PM
Problem solved! There ate two IDENTICAL teal wires. I had them reversed. Switch them around and PRESTO.