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05-17-2010, 6:22 PM
I read post's from folks occasionally, saying that XS's have always been chopped.
I'd like to see some of these old timers please. Old mag articles, personal photo's whatever, dig em out lets have a look how they used to be done!

05-23-2010, 4:16 AM
no pics, did no-one actually make choppers out of these things back in the day?

05-23-2010, 10:18 AM
You read my mind, all I've seen of metric oldschool chops are cb750's.

05-23-2010, 1:19 PM
You read my mind, all I've seen of metric oldschool chops are cb750's.

That's all they needed til somebody undressed one of them lil honey's shaved her legs , dropped her ass, opened her up n made her wail.

05-23-2010, 10:05 PM
Yeh I'd love to see some pics of chopped ones as well. I was talking to some old dude reckons back in the 70's when he was a lad there was an old guy on a chopped 650 twin Jap bike (didn't know what it was) and nobody could keep up with him on their triumphs. I suspect it was an XS.

05-24-2010, 3:02 AM
Only seen a few vintage pics in old mags. Talked to a number of oldtimers that said they had one back in the day...after choppin it..it was a real kick in the ass...not too many shovelheads or trumps could touch them. I hope to find out real soon. Gotta finish my wire mess and fill up the fluids.

05-25-2010, 12:08 PM
I had one back in the eighties/nineties, 76 XS 650 bored to 750, with apes, railroad spike freeway pegs, King/Queen seat etc etc.

Damnit! I don't have a single picture of that bike. fuck donkeys, I'd give a lot to get that fucker back.


05-25-2010, 12:56 PM
I remember seeing one of those old BSA looking Kawasaki's chopped in front of a gas station in Missouri somewhere back in the late seventies. It ran and the guy wanted $200. for it. I had a chopped 450 Honda in about 1977 that I built in the USN hobby shop in Orlando. Bad picture but no scanner. ! It was a 4 speed 1967? Pearl white, molded frame. Nobody gave me any grief over it but riding a jap chopper back then wasn't always safe! There was plenty of British iron around cheap, the xs's were still relativley new and pricey.

05-30-2010, 1:37 PM
Look what I found on 4Q's blog:


05-30-2010, 4:06 PM
Wow, very cool picture. It seems like the xs was a sleeper for a lot of years as far as chopping them up anyways..

05-31-2010, 1:04 AM
man I wish there was a better pic of that chop. I dig the twin coils and the fork brace!

06-09-2010, 5:54 PM
Still got this one, albeit in pieces.


But it only goes back about 20 years. :)

06-10-2010, 1:18 PM
back cover of may 1975 street chopper


06-12-2010, 5:39 AM
Dunno what year this is from, but here's an old Amen catalogue (http://www.hondachopper.com/gallery_misc/amen_catalog/index.html) courtesy of Hondachopper.com.

Not a huge amount of XS650 stuff.....

06-14-2010, 4:33 AM
Look what I found on 4Q's blog:


Awesome,those look like fairly modern (90's) tyres on there, tho.

09-24-2010, 3:19 PM
circa 1971

09-24-2010, 4:51 PM
well it was tough enough to gather parts up and fab stuff up back whenever so yeah i couldnt afford a camara plus i never really gave it much thought cause i just built to ride not show.

but i still tend to build every bike (minus very few) in the same style-look as i was taught to back in the '70s.

09-24-2010, 10:53 PM
Here's one.
<a href="http://s250.photobucket.com/albums/gg259/coalitionimagery/?action=view&current=IMG_0022.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg259/coalitionimagery/IMG_0022.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>