View Full Version : 83 550 Nighthawk, Ive lost my everloving mind !

06-02-2015, 3:24 PM
The boss gave me a 83 550 Nighthawk left at our shop a couple of years ago. Im building a Rat Cafe Fighter out of it, Worst style bike to start this kind of build with. Pull back bars, king queen seat, shaft drive wanna be chopper. Of course a couple of years ago i took a Kawi 550 Spectre and did a pretty cool little street tracker with it so i guess im dumb enuff for this build. Lower the front, raise the rear, different tank are just a few of the things on the to do list. Here is the Spectre Tracker i built, lots of mods.60718

06-04-2015, 8:10 PM
I may know a guy that wants any stock parts you pull off.